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What is the universal blood type?

Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types! Have questions?? has answers! Thanks for doing the with me! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Annice Reply:

    Type-O, the most common, is known as the universal donor because any person can receive a blood transfer of type-O blood. Type AB is known as the universal Detail:

  2. Elin Reply:

    The universal blood type is O and AB. The universal donor is type O Rh D negative blood and the universal recipient is type AB Rh D positive blood. Type O plasma, however, can only be given to Type O recipients. And AB plasma, on the other

  3. Joy Reply:

    The universal donor blood type is type O negative. It is called the "universal donor" type because it is compatible with all other blood types. More:

  4. Jon Reply:

    Type O negative is the universal donor. The universal recipient is type AB positive are universal recipients. There is a critical blood shortage, so all types are urged to donate blood as much as possible. Donating blood is a great way to s… More:

  5. Babette Reply:

    The universal donor has type O- blood. This is the blood type that can donate to anyone. Mixing blood types can cause severe reactions and even death. More:

  6. Edward Reply:

    Suppose 5% of the population has O-negative blood type, making them universal blood donors.? Suppose 5% of the population has O-negative blood type, making them universal bloo

  7. Nadia Reply:

    hey, the universal blood type is AB the reason it is known as universal is because it can give and take from anyone, the reason it can do this is because it has no antigens, O on the other hand can give to everyone but can not recieve from anyone but people with the O blood type!!!hope i could help!!!good luck!

  8. Lucille Reply:

    negative blood (universal donor blood) into a attack the antigens on any other blood type.

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