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Why is my period blood brown?

The darker the blood signals it is old and you could be at the end of your period! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bailey Reply:

    However, it can occasionally appear as brown, which indicates it is old blood that has What Does a Brownish Discharge 2 Weeks Before My Period Mean? Detail:

  2. Layne Reply:

    Brown or even black menstrual blood is blood that is older. It typically happens during the end of your menstrual cycle and is completely normal. For more information, look here:… More:

  3. Suk Reply:

    A brown discharge during your period is most likely the result of stale blood. This occurs most frequently at the end of your cycle, but can also occur in women that have a condition known as endometriosis. You can find more information her… More:

  4. Isidra Reply:

    Brown period blood is actually very normal and there is nothing that causes it because it just happens. When your body has a period it is cleaning itself out. Your body only does this every 28 days so the brown period blood that you see is … More:

  5. Henriette Reply:

    Girlfriend – brown/black period blood, did not bleed heavily, short period? My girlfriend starts her period between the 15th and 20th, but almost always the 15th. She started

  6. Kamilah Reply:

    red blood is fresh! The brown blood has just been pooling in your uterus or vagina for a while! It usually turns browner towards the end of your period! As long as it doesnt smell bad and it comes at the end of your cycle, its perfectly normal!

  7. Dione Reply:

    What does it mean if the blood on your period is brown not red? Dont worry it is just old blood that has sat in your system for awhile. Your periods are a brown

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