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Breast cancer treatment?

Cancer is a serious illness and will require a lot of treatment! Some options are chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc! but it would depend specifically on the individual involved and what the doctor feels would help the most! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lyndsay Reply:

    How to Treat Breast Cancer Without Chemotherapy. In the United States, the most common way to treat breast cancer after surgery is with chemotherapy, Source:

  2. Frank Reply:

    Apr 27, 2011 In recent years, there’s been an explosion of life-saving treatment advances against breast cancer, bringing new hope and excitement. Instead

  3. Darlena Reply:

    The treatment for bilateral breast can can involves several options. Several factors, including the type of cancer and the stage of cancer, go into deciding the proper treatment for an individual. Source:

  4. Ida Reply:

    The treatments for breast cancer is Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Hormonal Therapy, Targeted Therapies, Complementary and Holistic Medicine. You can find more information here:… Source:

  5. Esta Reply:

    There are different treatments for breast cancer. The main treatments that they use are the chemotherapy and the radiation to the area. They also use surgery in some cases. Source:

  6. Rochel Reply:

    Relative with breast cancer stage IV. Any breast cancer survivor stage IV who can comment treatment/lifespan.? 60 years old woman. Cancer in breast/under arm. Breast was rem

  7. Iliana Reply:

    Radiation was the toughest of treatments for my wife and she at the time of treatment was 52 years old! Radiation kills the tumor at the site where cancer was discovered, it is sort of insurance that it will destroy whatever cells would be left at the site!Chemotherapy destroys the cells that might have escaped to other parts of the body, surgery removes the tumor itself and radiation is applied to the site to destroy remaining cells! Treatment is usually over a specific amount of time that is on a daily basis, and it was very painful for us! Not everyone responds to radiation the same way! I have heard from others that it was a walk in the park! For us it was hell! It could be physically too much for her, the only person to know for sure is her radiation oncologist and regular doctor! A friend of mine had breast cancer at 65 years old and did not have it again for ten years! At 75 years old she decided to not have treatment because she did not want to suffer through it all again!Each person needs to evaluate if the costs are worth the price of the goods received! I know what radiation did to my wife but she is considerably younger than your grandma! The treatment for her could be the straw that breaks her back! The doctors need to give an evaluation to decide if it is something she can handle!

  8. Brigitte Reply:

    Breast cancer treatment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. The mainstay of breast cancer treatment is surgery when the tumor

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