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Can it turn into cancer?

Based on your recent activity, I am not understanding your quesiton! Can what turn to cancer?? ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Randee Reply:

    How Does Your Diet Turn Into a Carcinogen?. Research continues to identify foods and methods of preparation linked to increased risks of cancer. Source:

  2. Cleopatra Reply:

    I found a lump a couple of weeks ago and it keeps getting bigger. It is on the bottom of my foot on the arch of my foot under the skin. It hurts! My doctor said it was plantar fibroma. BTW i went to an orthopedic. I was wondering if this co

  3. Lakenya Reply:

    The first step is learning all about the type of cancer your loved one was diagnosed with. This is very easy to do at The American Cancer Society’s website and helps cope with the depression. Here is the URL: The next… Source:

  4. Allyn Reply:

    A cancerous mole also called Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. It is the sixth commonest cancer in the USA and the most common fatal malignancy among young adults. Understanding of the risk factors associated with melanoma i… Source:

  5. Carie Reply:

    HPV, or human papilloma virus, is a virus that affects mostly women and can cause cancer. Though there are more than 30 types of HPV, only two to four are known to cause cancer. While HPV gets a lot of attention these days, most people with… Source:

  6. Agripina Reply:

    can negative breast cancer turn into HER2 negative in 2007, now pathology reports I am positve cancer? I was supposed to be HER2 positive, was there an error in the first repo

  7. Dalia Reply:

    I highly doubt it but you can ask a doctor

  8. Corrin Reply:

    cancer of the ovaries or ovary(but if you want a more detailed description don't go to some site were anyone can change the answer go see your doctor and ask)

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