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Can skin cancer kill you?

Yes, skin cancer, like every other cancer, can kill you if not treated and diagnosed early enough! Sun spots are early signs! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tonie Reply:

    Skin cancer occurs when skin cells become damaged. or impossible for your vital organs to work correctly and can eventually kill you if not treated in time. Source:

  2. Vernell Reply:

    Yes, skin cancer, like every other cancer, can kill you if not treated and diagnosed early enough. Sun spots are early signs.

  3. Latoya Reply:

    The main cause of skin cancer is from over exposure to the sun. The ultraviolet radiation is what is damaging to the skin. This is why you shoe always wear sunscreen. Source:

  4. Anitra Reply:

    The discovery of skin cancer was astoundingly found in 2400 years old mummies in Peru. Rene Laennec was the first to identify and discover the disease. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Hester Reply:

    Skin cancer is becoming more popular as time goes on. Heavy exposure to the sun and UV rays lead to skin cancer and other skin problems. Skin cancer can run in families and can also be genetic that way. To prevent skin cancer as much as pos… Source:

  6. Lady Reply:

    I have testicular and skin cancer. I’m a loner with no friends and my girl just left me. Kill myself?

  7. Glennie Reply:

    Dear, It sounds like your dad has seen the doctor, Im presuming!!!and if he has, your dad will more than likely be okay!But in any event, think positive and dont worry, he got it early enough! Meanwhile, why dont you be there for him and love him like it there is no tomorrow, becauseno one is promised tomorrow!In a way you are lucky!!!some people never get to have special time with a parent before he or shegoes!!!!!so make the best of it! And last but not least, pray to Jesus, he will give you His peace! His comfort! And Jesus can answeryour request with miracles (if needed) Dont be afraid, Jesus is with your family!!!talk with HIM!Okay?? In the meantime, i will also pray for you and your family! God bless!

  8. Ali Reply:

    What kinds if skin cancer can kill you? I assume that eventually all skin cancers can kill you. But in my opinion, if you have to get cancer, skin cancer is way better

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