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Can you get lung cancer at a young age?

Anyone can get lung cancer, even non-smokers! It is very rare, but it could happen! Even second hand smoke is bad! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Carly Reply:

    If you've ever discovered a new pothole with your 10-speed, you know exactly. will have spread to other parts of the body, like the abdomen or lungs. Testicular cancer is a rare cancer mostly occurs in young men ages 15 to 34 and usually Source:

  2. Janna Reply:

    It is also possible that you will never get lung cancer. There are examples of people who get cancer at a very young age. There are examples of

  3. Clementina Reply:

    YOUR Source:

  4. Gwyneth Reply:

    no it doesnt. Source:

  5. Twana Reply:

    Mainly age 45+….but more common over age 60. Source:

  6. Annie Reply:

    can you get lung cancer at the age of 14? can you get lung cancer at the age of 14?

  7. Sabine Reply:

    Lung cancer can be diagnosed at an early age, as well as being a non smoker or being around smokers!! but it would be very unusual to be diagnosed from these issues! Most non smokers and smokers are diagnosed after the age of 45!

  8. Teri Reply:

    (breast – fed etc)..she passed away last year at age 37. Is it more likely you get lung cancer away when your young? How can you get cancer in your lungs ?

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