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Compare chemotherapy to radiotherapy?

Chemotherapy means taking certain types of drugs to treat cancer! The type of drug depends on type cancer & severity of the cancer! Breast cancer drugs incl! Anthracyclines! Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors Any Suggestions here?


  1. Starla Reply:

    Chemotherapy Vs. Radiation. Two well-known treatments, chemotherapy (or chemo) and radiation therapy, regularly aid people in their battle against cancer. Source:

  2. Paz Reply:

    Comparison of radiotherapy alone and radiotherapy with chemotherapy using adriamycin and 5-fluorouracil in bronchogenic carcinoma. G Anderson, T J

  3. Alysia Reply:

    Some answers you got!!Her it goes Chemo is poison against cancer injected into your body,Radiothera- py is like an X-Ray but it burns(not burn as in fire) rather melts away the cancer.The both of them have side-effects but an Oncologist is … Source:

  4. Tanisha Reply:

    Chemotherapy radiotherapy and surgery can all be used to treat advanced stomach cancer. Which treatment is best for you depends on The size of the cancer and where it is Whether the cancer has spread to another part of the body, and where T… Source:

  5. Roxie Reply:

    Radiotherapy is the process of applying radiation on the tumors [gamma rays]. Chemotherapy is the process of using drugs to destroy the tumors. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy usually comes with surgery; it also appears more frequently in hig… Source:

  6. Lanora Reply:

    when should the patient get the neck because she got sequamous radiotherapy after the chemotherapy? Mom had surgery on her carcenoma in the lymph nodes of her neck & she finis

  7. Benita Reply:

    Chemo- injects chemicals that target rapidly-dividing cells and kill them! While rapidly-dividing cells include cancer cells, they also include normal cells, so chemo often has serious side effects!Radio- radiation is beamed into the patient to destroy cancer cells! Cancer cells are normally more susceptible than normal cells, but ordinary cells are often damaged as well! (The side effects depend on exactly what part of the body receives radiation)! It is mainly on solid tumours!They each have their good and bad points, and which one is used depends on the cancer (they are often used together, and surgery is often involved as well)!

  8. Maurice Reply:

    Chemo and Radiation, in short actually mean CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIOTHERAPY respectively. . How big is Germany compare to New Jersey US?

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