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Does eating frogs cause cancer?

Due to the massive toxic pesticide residues that accumulate in the fat deposits of frog meat, it is thought that consumption of frogs can trigger paralytic strokes, cancer, kidney failures and other deformities! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kellye Reply:

    Larger frogs can also eat fish, small reptiles and mice. Tongue cancer is a common form of oral cancer that causes tumors and lesions on the tongue. In fact Source:

  2. Joana Reply:

    Feb 16, 2011 The War Against Cancer has been a dismal failure because, for one reason it out, the knowledge of how to live in a way that will prevent the disease. with friends and eating foods that couldn’t be better for causing cancer.

  3. Rolande Reply:

    MALT lymphoma is a cancer of B cell lymphocytes that usually develops in lymphatic tissues in the stomach, thyroid, lungs or eyes. At least 3 different chromosomal translocations – where parts of chromosomes are interchanged – have been imp… Source:

  4. Madelene Reply:

    Popcorn does not cause cancer. If you are referring to microwave popcorn, it is the ingredients in the fake butter flavoring that are carcinogenic. Source:

  5. Tamekia Reply:

    1 While many people realize that eating too much red meat is not healthy, fewer people understand why red meat consumption increases your risk of certain types of cancer. While the higher fat content and antibiotics found in non-organic mea… Source:

  6. Joyce Reply:

    Are frogs eating my fish? I live in the midwest pond in our backyard. We started hearing a frog, and we have a small noise early this spring, and since then we have had a pond

  7. Jamie Reply:

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  8. Audie Reply:

    Can cancer people eat frog to kill cancer? Can brain cancer kill people? Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer death in Western countries, for both men

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