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Does hemp oil cure cancer?

A team discovered that this THC kills human brain tumor cells at a concentration that is nontoxic to normal brain cells! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Janetta Reply:

    Advantages of Hemp Oil. Hemp oil is a lesser-known oil that shouldn't be confused with marijuana. The future of hemp oil and cancer cures looks promising. Source:

  2. Lillia Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: There is no cure for cancer yet, but in many cases the cancer will go into remission through surgery and/or chemotherapy.

  3. Odilia Reply:

    I know for a fact it stops many kinds of pain. I know that docs give it to cancer patients and I’m sure it has LOTS of other great medicinal properties. The Government can’t figure out how to get their "share" from anyone who uses it. Imagi… Source:

  4. Lorraine Reply:

    I used to have terminal colon cancer….I dont care if any of you believe me or not but I have all the medical reports from my doctors…when I told my primary about it he could’nt say weather it was the hemp oil regime or not just that my … Source:

  5. Shenita Reply:

    Any step to help sufferers has to be a good thing, eh? Source:

  6. Gertude Reply:

    Is Hemp Oil from the Female Cancer? Is The hemp oil produced Hemp Plant a cure for from the Female Hemp Plant Bud and leaves, (the variety containing THC) capable of treating

  7. Lucia Reply:

    Hemp Oil has a typical fatty acid content broken down as: 6% palmitic acid, 2% stearic acid, 12% oleic acid, 57% linoleic acid, 2% gamma-linolenic acid, and 19% alpha-linolenic acid! The typical tocopherol content of Hemp Oil is quite low of about 10 mg!/kg! This is very low for unsaturated seed oil! Because it is unsaturated, it is very unstable and will become rancid very easily! This oxidation problem can make the oil very problematic when stored! The Hemp seeds have antioxidants in the seeds that protect the integrity of the oil, but when it is extracted, like other vegetable oils that are polyunsaturated, it becomes very susceptible to the oxidation process!In regard to being cancer cure, that is a far stretch! 99% of all cancers are due to infections and this type of oil, being unstable, can also become unstable in the body and create inflammation that can cause hardening of the arteries when the body sends cholesterol to the site where this oil has oxidized! Additionally, the 57% linoleic acid is an inflammatory fatty acid, omega 6 and this will tend to contribute to an imbalance of the good 1:1 balance the body requires of the omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids!Like many of the so called scientific studies that are generated with an agenda, rather than pure good science motives, it seems the hemp oil also contains TCH that may have a calming affect, but this oil is not good for cooking or many other uses for humans! Any study that says that hemp oil should be greatly suspect for other factors that may be giving the results other than this oil!good luck

  8. Lucie Reply:

    Things like hemp oil and other things, are not appropriate for the treatment of It can also be used topically to cure skin cancer, arthritis, and many others, or be

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