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Does Splenda give you cancer?

Splenda is safe, the cancer that was shown to be caused by it is only if you take 1,000 times the recommended daily amount! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shira Reply:

    After the pregnancy, you may feel the need to use it again, but you do not Splenda is a sweetener that is added to soft drinks to give them a sweet taste but. Source:

  2. Shelley Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Leading regulatory authorities, including the FDA approved Splenda for safe use.

  3. Jeannetta Reply:

    Saccharine (sweet n low) is the most likely to cause cancer. The other two are slightly less carcinogenic. Source:

  4. Brigida Reply:

    Bring their attention to positives. The best way to give someone hope that they will survive is to help them focus on the positives. Depending on the type of cancer, this can be hard to do, but for those that have benign cancer or cancer th… Source:

  5. Joi Reply:

    If you have a ponytail that is 10 inches or more, you can donate hair for a child who has long-term medical hair loss. Children may lose their hair due to chemotherapy to treat cancer, alopecia areata or scalp burns. Donating hair provides … Source:

  6. Valrie Reply:

    Can Splenda Cause Cancer? I use it as my’ve heard that NutraSweet could be form of sweetener since I linked to cancer, and I don’t use regular sugar because I can’t taste it a

  7. Garnett Reply:

    There has been no long term human studies of the effects of Splenda! So it is unknown weather or not it causes cancer! From my perspective, it does!Dont use Splenda at all!I like to say sucralose, not Splenda, because that is what Splenda is! And it is in a lot of stuff Sadly, the package doesnt have to say Splenda, or diet, to have sucralose in it! You have to read labels! So, you might still be using it and dont even know it!A lot of people, including myself, have gotten/are getting sick from it! Sucralose is poison! It ruined five years of my life! I had a laundry list of medical problems while taking it! I went to several doctors! I had a dozen different tests! I was told that I had a number of different problems! I was on different medication for many years!The slogan, Made from sugar!!! is very misleading! Splenda might be made from sugar, but it is far from sugar! The resulting chemical is a class of chemicals called organochloride! Organochlorides are typically poisonous!carbon monoxide – made from oxygen so its like a breath of fresh air!

  8. Allegra Reply:

    Does splenda give you cancer? yes ( mostly breast cancer). Why give marijuana to cancer patients if it gives them more cancer? There is still little evidence to

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