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How do you treat stomach cancer?

If someone has stomach cancer, they can take medications to help to treat it, or go through radiation treatment! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lenna Reply:

    Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L–N-ER-NAI—G!

  2. Rachel Reply:

    How Is Stomach Cancer Treated?. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 21130 people will be diagnosed with stomach cancer in the United Source:

  3. Mittie Reply:

    Surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible is the primary treatment. Part or all of the stomach, nearby lymph nodes, the pancreas, and the spleen may also be removed if it is suspected that cancer may have spread to these sites. Rad

  4. Margot Reply:

    The symptoms of stomach cancer consists of discomfort of the stomach, feeling bloated after a small meal, nause and vomiting and weight loss. Stomach cancer is hard to detect early and these symptoms often appear after the cancer has progre… Source:

  5. Rana Reply:

    COMBINE flour, wheat germ, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt in a large bowl, Mix well. ** ADD milk, egg substitute, and butter. Mix just until ingredients are blended. Do not over mix. ** COAT large non stick skillet with cooking spray. He… Source:

  6. Jackie Reply:

    Introduction According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 21,130 people will be diagnosed with stomach cancer in the United States in 2009. Another 10,620 will die from stomach cancer the same year. However, there are methods of … Source:

  7. Zella Reply:

    How would removal of 95% of the stomach to treat severe ulcers or cancer affect digestion and absorption?

  8. Nella Reply:

    Metastasis of Lung cancer to stomach is a grave condition and particularly when ascites are being removed from the stomach! Usually they are Carcinoma! Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Surgery are the usual methods for prolonging life with sufferings attached to it! these kind of cancers spread very rapidly! Usually the pain is so much so that palliative treatments like morphine are used to alleviate the sufferings! In homeopathy the following medicines shall be useful in alleviating the sufferings:1! Geraneum Mac Q!2! Carcinosinum 1M3! Hippozaenium 30C4! Carduus 1M5! Carbio Vegetabilis 30C6! Arsenic Album 30C7! Bryonia 30C8! Antim Tart 30! 9! Antimonium Arsenicum 3010! Apocynum Can! 3X11! Aspidosperma Q12! Coca Q13! Elaps Cor! 14! Tribulus Terr! Q (specific)! 10 drops in half cup water three times or more daily! 15! Cadmium Sulph 30C16! Ascetic Acid 3X17! Crotalus Horr! 30C18! Eucaliptus Glob!Q! 19! Condurago 30C20! Colocynthis for shooting pains bending double! 21! Hydrastis 30C22! Iodium 1X when losing flesh! 23! NuX Vomica 200C24! Ornithogalium Q25! Phosphorus 30C26! Tuberculinum 1M and above! Medicine symptoms could be checked from the following link :http://www!homeoint!org/books/boericmm/index!htm Morphinum in homeopathy can replace Morphinum of allopathy with out side effects! Arnica, Belladonna etc! can also be used as pain killers! Medicines should be used strictly under supervision of homeopathic doctor!

  9. Tamica Reply:

    Cancer of the stomach is difficult to cure unless it is found in an early stage ( before it Treatment for stomach cancer may include surgery, chemotherapy, and/or

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