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How does the sun affect acne?

Some think sunlight improves acne! There isn’t proven effect of sunlight on acne! it only increases the risk of skin cancer! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Haydee Reply:

    How Does the Sun Affect Freckles?. Whether How to Get Rid of Freckles From the Sun. Freckles "Blending Makeup to Cover Acne, Blemishes, & Freckles" Source:

  2. Mika Reply:

    It kinda depends. If you burn easily, it will over dry your skin when it peels and then cause it to overproduce oil and make you break out more about 14 days later. If you tan not burn, then it will dry out your skin but not to much, so it

  3. Amina Reply:

    Chlorine kills bacteria, and acne is caused by a buildup of bacteria. Despite the lack of scientific evidence claiming chlorine has positive effects on acne, many people with acne have claimed that swimming in a chlorinated pool has helped … Source:

  4. Sabra Reply:

    The sun effects live in many ways. It can range from the temperature to how our plants grow. The sun also controls the wind and effects the weather. Did you know that scientist predict the sun will burn out in 4 billion years? Source:

  5. Mila Reply:

    The sun is essential for all life to exist, without it we would all die. It affects the climate of the earth. Without the sun there would be no heat or light. Source:

  6. Veola Reply:

    How does having Sun in 5th House affect you and how Sun in aries,gemini etc ? Or other houses. Does it matter if I is it different from having have Sun in Scorpio and Sun in

  7. Kiersten Reply:

    This means that this product does not repel the sun, it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun! If you do go out into the sun you should be fine if you use a higher SPF! I also use acne perscription and it says the same i usually use the neutrogena SPF 45 or higher sunscreen!

  8. Elli Reply:

    Learn about what effect the sun's rays have on acne, and how light therapy can be used to improve acne.

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