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How Many Kidneys do You Need to Survive

You may have such questions as How Many Kidneys in the Human Body and How Many Kidneys Does a Person Have,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Kidneys Do Humans Have. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Kidney Disease Symptoms,too. Read more as following:

You can actually survive having one kidney. However, It is still important to have both just in case the other one fails. Kidney transplant is a way to have one again.

How many kidneys are in human body?

We have two kidneys. We can live with just one. The fact that we have two shows how important a kidney is. We can donate one to another person without sacrificing our health as long as the surgery goes well.... More »

How many kidney's does a person have

A person has two kidneys. Keep on doing the ChaCha!! ...MORE...... More »

How many kidneys do a human have?

2. One on the left hand side, and one on the right. The left one is a little bigger...... More »

How to survive kidney disease?

1. Being diagnosed as soon as possible for any disease is key. Have a belief system in getting healthy. Remember anything positive in your head to cancel out the daily pains you will have. 2. Never give into the downside to the actual disease find fu... More »

How to survive a diagnosis of kidney cancer?

1. Pray. Developing a. relationship. with God is invaluable to your success. Pray for your healing, openness to receive his word and the ability to open your heart to speak about your feelings honestly. 2. Research. Use. the internet., your local lib... More »

Where are your kidneys located?

Your kidneys are located on either side of your body about the waistline toward your back. If you have kidney problems, you have probably experienced some lower back pain.... More »


  1. Livelovelaughrescue! Reply:

    which animal survives best in a sandy terrain that is quite windy and which characteristics help is survive like…
    -do small eyes help at all

  2. Kylie Reply:

    They are on a breathing tube, medications to keep the blood pressure up. They had a heart attack, their liver and kidneys are failing (not working)

  3. Ammar Reply:

    My husband has a 3.4 cm kidney tumor. He has already had acute kidney failure and has high blood pressure. We both would rather have non-invasive kidney sparing surgery such as (freezing the tumor) rather than taking the tumor out along with part or even all of his kidney.

  4. Jake Reply:

    My son inlaw has stage 5 renal disease and is diabetic. He also has CHS and neropathy. He goes to dialyis 3 times each week. He also has Gastroparis. How long can he survive with all these health problems?

  5. Luis Reply:

    Recently my dog has been consistently vomiting a yellow colored slime. We went to the vet and after taking blood he diagnosed her with failing kidneys. We got some sort of pills that are hopefully supposed to fix the problem but she is still vomiting, although it is not as much as she once was.

  6. Cyndal Golbeck Reply:

    Once your kidneys fail, how long until your blood becomes so contaminated that you die. Assuming you are NOT on dialysis.

  7. Margaret Reply:

    If you were in a hospital bed, in a coma how long would you survive for? You have no life support machine, no food no water. How long?

  8. Gitmogcr Reply:

    What do you think about my character if I refused to donate my kidney to him. Would you like to have a son like me in your house?

  9. Reee Reply:

    I refused to donate my kidney to her. Would you like to have a person like me in your house?

  10. Farrah Reply:

    What do you think about my character if I refused to donate my kidney to him. Would you like to have a person like me in your house?

  11. Catgirl Reply:

    Has a person ever stopped getting kidney dialysis and survived? Is it remotely possible?
    Reason for asking: I read about a man who contracted rabies and was put on dialysis.

    If this person survived rabies, would he always have to be on dialysis? Or could he stop dialysis after getting better?

  12. Jessie J Xxx Reply:

    If your best friend needed a kidney to survive and you were a match to them would you give them one of yours?

  13. Last Reply:

    How long does a kidney survive if it is outside the human body ? Even if it is kept under special care ? and if it not under special care ???

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