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How to Help Someone With Cancer

You may have such questions as How To Help Someone With Breast Cancer and How To Help Someone Dying Of Cancer,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Help Someone Diagnosed With Cancer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Skin Cancer,too. Read more as following:

The best way to help someone with cancer is to be supportive of their needs and wants. Being nice and making them as comfortable as possible is another good way to help.

How to help someone with breast cancer?

1. Let the patient approach the subject of cancer in her own way. You may want to know all the latest details of your loved one's treatment, but she may long to talk about more ordinary things. Listen more than you talk, and don't pretend you know ho... More »

How to help someone dying of cancer?

1. Stay in regular and consistent contact. It can be hard to watch a person die, but it is even more painful to know you let them die alone. 2. Allow them to lead the conversation and listen to them, even if it means you both are silent. If they want... More »

How to help someone diagnosed with cancer?

1. Lighten a cancer patient's emotional burden by just being there. 2. Avoid the "everything will be all right" attitude. He understands that everything may not turn out all right, and false cheeriness is not what is needed. 3. Emphasize any "good ne... More »

What to Say to Someone With Cancer?

There are no magic words you can say to someone who has cancer. You can tell them you are sorry to hear about their diagnosis. They don't want to hear about a friend or relative who lost the battle. They may need someone to listen to them about how t... More »

What to Say to Someone Dying of Cancer?

If you are close to a person who is dying of cancer, it is hard to find the right thing to say. Sometimes it is better to say nothing, and simply be there to listen to the person. Let them know how much you care for them.... More »

How to help someone who has cancer?

Video Transcript. This is Dr. David Cathcart and I'm from Heartland Regional Medical Center and we're going to talk about how to help someone who may have cancer. Cancer can be such a devastating disease even the sound of the word is scary to somebod... More »


  1. Karoline Reply:

    What cancer screenings should one get? Please write the type of screening/cancer and the corresponding age at which a woman should get it done.

    I am 21 years old. Thank you.

  2. Alice Reply:

    Okay I just want to know if cancer has been around forever. Can someone give me more info on this disease’s origin.

  3. Xavior-su Reply:

    I am a cancer i was just wondering what horoscope
    says about my personality.

  4. Gabi Roe Reply:

    Also how does my cancer rising effect my sun, which is in aquarius and moon- sagittarius.
    What sort of a person do these planet positions make me?

  5. Sonicboom Reply:

    I don’t understand Cancer I guess. He was a chain smoker, and in an interview he said that he got Mouth cancer from a metal pick he would hold in his lips. Not from the smoking. How do you get cancer from metal?

    Can someone explain this a little?

  6. Evan Reply:

    Once cancer goes to the brain is it deadly? What will happen to a person on chemo who is sexually active with a person with herpes?

  7. Gimpy Reply:

    Does it cause cancer?

    What are my chances since ive left it for years and breathed it in and its never given me any problems other than it looks aesthetically unpleasing.

    Should I get tested for lung cancer?

  8. Kittycat9999 Reply:

    I’m a cancer and I have been dating a cancer for over a year now. She’s my first love and I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. Is this the same for any two cancers dating each other?

  9. Watch Man Reply:

    We hear a lot about humans having cancer and the various treatments that are available, but how common is it for wild animals to get cancer ? I reckon wild animals have got it sussed when it comes to diet – they tend to know what is good for them to eat and stick to it, unlike humans.

  10. Muhammad Hamza Sani Reply:

    My brother had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and his cancer managed to metastasize into his liver. My question is, how is it that cancer in one part of the body can metastasize into one part of the body but not the surrounding areas? Or is it just a matter of time?

  11. Slumberhippiey Reply:

    Cancer Ascendant, followed by Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in the 1st house.

    How might you interpret this placement? Any insights are welcome.

  12. Lacey Reply:

    They say cancer lurks ready to attack our bodies. What actions do you take to fight this terrible disease?

  13. Sofie Reply:

    Most cancer males (including my self) are shy people.
    But cancer females seem to be loud and very chatty.
    Cancer females seem like a mother her type personality. (the ones i have met)

  14. Aubrey Reply:

    Cancer runs all over my family and I want to provide my family with the best chance of prevention.. as a mom and as a wife. What cancer prevention tips do you have? Look for Food, Herbs, General Health tips etc. Thanks!

  15. Hugo96 Reply:

    How does cancer start in your skin?

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