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Is breast Cancer infectious?

Breast cancer is not contagious! Many people believe that sometimes it appears that breast cancer is contagious because the disease can occur in many members of the same family, but it is definitely not contagious! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lettie Reply:

    That hits the target peflyctre. Thanks!

  2. Andre Reply:

    Inflammatory breast cancer, which accounts for only 1 to 3 percent of breast cancers, is the most symptomatic, and may appear as a red rash or infection on the Source:

  3. Josette Reply:

    Not likely in any feasible method. The best way to put it is that it would be rather difficult to become infected by another individual with cancer. There is a phenomenon called metastasis. Only malignant tumor cells and infections have the

  4. Tequila Reply:

    The effects of breast cancer are horrible. Especially the physical changes a woman or a man goes through and the mental anguise is just as bad. Men don’t be fooled, you can also get breast cancer yourself, you don’t have to have big breasts… Source:

  5. Devin Reply:

    To check for breast cancer you will do a self exam. Hold your breast and push down while looking for any masses or lumps that you don’t remember having. If you find any at all you should consult with a doctor immediately! Source:

  6. Margert Reply:

    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month occurs every year in October. This is to bring the fight that women have with breast cancer into the public eye. Many women wear pink ribbons to show support for breast cancer survivors and for those t… Source:

  7. Danille Reply:

    The name of the breast cancer to ask is it okay that is in her left. There is a lump on breast is Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma her right breast now. The question I am trying

  8. Patria Reply:

    I dont think so, as cancer has not been proven to be an infectious disease, so I think the two are mutually exclusive, However, there ought to be some kind of happy medium for you, although I dont know what it is!

  9. Jacinta Reply:

    The tumor in the lung is then called metastatic breast cancer, not lung cancer. Although metastasis only refers to within an individual (i.e. infectious spread of

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