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Is there a cure for cancer?

World’s top scientists claimed that when vitamin B17 is consumed, the components of certain raw fruit seeds make it 100% impossible to develop cancer and will kill existing cancer in most cases! Have a Day! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kathlene Reply:

    Is There a Cure for Lung Cancer?. One in every 13 men and on in every 16 women is projected to develop lung cancer. Usually this occurs after the age of 45 Source:

  2. Raquel Reply:

    Some cancers are very treatable and have very good cure rates. Sadly, many do not. Some cancers are difficult to detect early (pancreatic, ovarian) and so treatment is not usually begun soon enough. A lot depends on what kind of cancer i

  3. Cinderella Reply:

    Facebook allows you to discover organizations, charities and foundations through the pages feature. If you want to join a walk to cure cancer to help raise money, you can "like" the page of the organization. When you like the organization’s… Source:

  4. Andree Reply:

    Gosh, it would be wonderful, and save so many lives, if there was a cure for cancer. At the present time, there are only treatments for cancer but not a cure. Scientists are working very hard for a cure and hopefully one day there will be o… Source:

  5. Danille Reply:

    While there are no absolute cures to cancer yet, there are many ways to treat it. These include medication, chemotherapy, and radiation. Source:

  6. Phung Reply:

    If scientist already know the cure donate to those “cure for cancer donation funds”? I mean IF COURSE i for cancer should I still feel horrible for people dieing in the hospit

  7. Damaris Reply:

    No!Im not aware that the rich survive cancer at a higher rate – the treatments available to them are the same, though they might have comfier hospital beds and private rooms!I assume youre suggesting that a cure is being hidden in order to to keep profits up?? This is unfeasible for a number of reasons!In order to prove that any secret, hidden cure worked, several hundred people (minimum) would have to have been cured by it (otherwise how would its discoverers know it worked??)! Every single one of these people would have to be keeping quiet about it– not a word to the media from any of them, or any of their delighted relatives and friends!Any drug company discovering a cure would make far more money than they can have dreamed of making up till now – fame and fortune beyond their wildest dreams!!Doctors, scientists, researchers etc would be watching their relatives die and dying themselves (they and their families develop cancer at the same rate as the rest of the population) rather than revealing any existing secret cureMost unlikely of all, if there were a secret cure, every medical professional in the whole world would have agreed to keep existence of a cure secret! Every single one! One blabbermouth, one disgruntled researcher or sacked nurse and the whole conspiracy’s blown! Newspapers and other media wouldnt have got a sniff of it! Likely?? -and is it likely that these people, who went into medicine to help people, would be conspiring to kill them?? If they wanted to make a fortune, medicine was a very poor choice of career!I live in the UK; we dont pay for our medical treatment, including our cancer treatment; cancer costs our government billions upon billions! The cancer treatments here are the same as they are in the US; if there was a guaranteed once-and-for-all cure, wouldnt they be giving us that instead and saving themselves money?? As it is, people like me could have recurrences and be back for more expensive chemotherapy at any time!The problem with finding a cure is that cancer is not a single disease, its an umbrella term for over 200 different diseases! The difficulty with finding a cure is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them They all respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them, so there isnt a magic bullet that cures all cancers and there never will be! Nobody will ever discover a miraculous single substance or procedure that will cure all cancers!But progress is being made and there is dedicated – and underfunded – work going on to find effective treatments and – hopefully – cures!And quite a few cancers CAN already be cured: seven out of ten children are cured of cancer; testicular cancer, Hodgkins disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy!Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough – 75% of breast cancers found at stage one for example*Oh, and for the person who said theres a breast cancer cure in Europe – I bloody wish!! See how completely unfounded rumours about cancer cures spread??

  8. Wenona Reply:

    The short-term nor the long-term effects of Synthol have been adequately studied in relation to cancer treatment. Synthol is used for muscle growth not as a

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