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What are the chances that I will get breast cancer if it runs on both sides of my family?

Although everyone is at risk for cancer during his or her lifetime, cancer risk is individual! Many factors affect a!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shirlene Reply:

    However, in most cases, breast lumps end up being benign, and nine out of 10 women If you notice that you have a lump that begins to increase in size or cause types of masses, and the masses can be felt in both sides of the breasts. Women who have a family history of breast cancer will have a higher chance of Source:

  2. Marlin Reply:

    Jan 6, 2011 Since men do get breast cancer, should I undergo genetic testing for their sake? look at the whole family tree on both sides of the family to have a better chance If either of us is positive, at what age should my kids be tested? Question from Lindalou: When breast cancer does run in the family, are they

  3. Lenna Reply:

    My doctor told me that twins aren’t genetic, just coincidences. I have twins in my family, every generation so far, and so does my husband. I really wanted twins, til i realized after i had my 1 that i didn’t hink i could have handled 2! I … Source:

  4. Christeen Reply:

    i heard when grandma has ur mom as a twin that ur mom does not have a chance of getting twins but the kid’s that she haves, have a chance. and the girl. so it’s like my grandma had twins and one of the twins ended being my mom so my mom don… Source:

  5. Jenise Reply:

    the chances are high for having twins. Source:

  6. Joana Reply:

    ladies only please. Breast cancer runs in my 5 had breast cancer bu family as my aunt has with breast? cancer and my grandmother who not got long to live died when I was about

  7. Ebonie Reply:

    Cancer that runs in the family is rare; fewer than 10% of all cancer cases are hereditary! Cancer diagnosed after the age of 50 is even less likely to be hereditary!You dont inherit a general tendency to get cancer, and several family members having had different types of cancer is not hereditary!A sign that cancer MAY be hereditary is where several members of the same side of a family have had the SAME type of cancer, especially if some developed it at a younger than usual age!Only 5 – 10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary! Where it is hereditary, it is due to a rare inherited faulty gene! If your grandmothers and g/grandmothers breast cancers were due to one of these rare genes, your mother would have a 50% chance of inheriting that gene from her mother; if she did, you in turn would have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene from her! If she didnt inherit the gene, nor would you! Inheriting one of the faulty genes does not necessarily mean someone will get breast cancer!But the genes known to be responsible for hereditary breast cancer are very rare, and if your relatives were over 50 at diagnosis it is even less likely that they carried them!With one in eight women developing breast cancer over a lifetime of 80 years, it is not unusual to have two or more women in the same family with non-hereditary breast cancer!Talk to your mother; if it was suspected that your grandmothers cancer was due to one of the rare genes known to be responsible for hereditary breast cancer, she will have been tested for it!Even where breast cancer is hereditary, the chances of developing it at 18 are as close to zero as makes just about no difference!Most people diagnosed with cancer are over 60; there are some types of cancer which mainly or only affect children and young people, but for most types of cancer age is the biggest risk factor!Smoking is a risk factor for some cancers, and you would be wise to give it up regardless of heredity! It is not a risk factor for breast cancer!Here is my family history:Two of my grandparents died of cancer! Both my parents had cancer and my mother died of it! So did my aunt, my uncle and my cousin! All except my father were on my mothers side, and all but my father and my cousin were over 50! None of their cancers were hereditary, and no members of my immediate or extended family are considered at increased risk of any of the cancers they had!Of my parents 6 children, now aged from late 40s to early 60s, I am the only one who has developed cancer (breast), and mine too is non-hereditary and unconnected to theirs!So there is a lot of cancer in my family history, but no hereditary cancer in my family! The same may well be true of your family!From the information you give, there is every likelihood that you are at no increased risk of cancer; that is a one in three chance over a lifetime of 80 years (one in two if male)

  8. Paz Reply:

    Do you really want to even take the risk of the study being right or wrong? Two women in my family have breast cancer (that I am aware of) and they both just

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