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What are the Symptons of lung cancer?

Symptoms of primary lung cancers include cough, coughing up blood, chest pain, and shortness of breath Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sheena Reply:

    How to Spot Lung Cancer Symptoms. Lung cancer symptoms are critical to catch as early as possible. The farther lung cancer progresses, the more difficult Source:

  2. Elayne Reply:

    It’s a tough one, because typically, if you’re showing symptoms, it’s already in its advanced stages. You have to be testing for it BEFORE you notice anything, to catch it in time to cure it. The big problem with lung cancer, is that it is

  3. Deena Reply:

    One of the most obvious causes of lung cancer is smoking of any kind. Factors to this equation are also the length of time and how many cigarettes they have smoked. Another cause can be from the amount of radiation, chemical exposure and ra… Source:

  4. Shaniqua Reply:

    Lung cancer patients have several options that depend on the severity and size of the cancer. Patients can expect surgery, chemotherapy, medications and radiation! Source:

  5. Latosha Reply:

    Well, symptoms vary greatly for individuals, however, breathing difficulties and a cough that will not go away are common. You may notice some blood in your sputum. Generalised aches and pains in your back, chest, shoulders are also reporte… Source:

  6. Ursula Reply:

    What are the symptons of lung cancer?

  7. Ingeborg Reply:

    Obviously shortness of breath! You can also look at the finger nails, which appear to be blown!

  8. Bryanna Reply:

    Do you have to be a smoker to have symptoms of lung cancer? No, Lung Cancer can be caused without ever smoking. Some people can smoke their whole

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