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What cancer effects puberty?

The adrenal gland regulates hormones that can affect puberty, body hair, and weight, so adrenal cortical cancers can cause these body functions to go wrong – early puberty, for example, or abundant facial hair in women! Endocrine cancers can spread to other parts of the body, and they can be fatal! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Janeth Reply:

    In males, Lupron reduces symptoms of prostate cancer. Lupron treats children with precocious onset of puberty (before age 8 or 9) to prevent early development Source:

  2. Candice Reply:

    Mar 13, 2011 Early puberty may be associated with certain growth hormones used in the specific impact growth hormones have on prostate cancer risk,

  3. Mayra Reply:

    Breast cancer only effects the body if it has gotten into other areas. It is most dangerous when it gets into the blood stream, because the blood can carry it anywhere in the body. Source:

  4. Cory Reply:

    Lung cancer can be fatal to the body. The lungs will be in distress and it can be very difficult to breathe. Lung cancer will require chemotherapy or radiation which can cause hair to fall out and decreased immune system. Source:

  5. Onie Reply:

    Effects of lung cancer would be breathing worsens, weight loss, and a chronic cough. Normally when lung cancer is diagnosed more then likely it is to late for any kind of treatment to help. To find more information click here:… Source:

  6. Twana Reply:

    Effects of cancer on puberty? I am 16, almost 17. I think I have a small lump on my testicle to get it checked out. I am a bit scared, but hopefully I will go this weekend. I

  7. Launa Reply:

    I too had a lump next to my right testicle when I was 19! I finally had it checked out when I was 34 and it was a cyst! I had it removed when I was 52 as it had grown to double the size of my testicle! There wasnt any pain but just some discomfort! Do get it checked out by a Dr! so you know for sure!

  8. Van Reply:

    Early puberty additionally puts girls at a "far greater" risk for breast cancer later . "Effect of neonatal melatonin administration on sexual development in the rat".

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