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What does a tumor feel like? MORE?

A tumor that presses on your bones or grows into your bones can cause deep, aching pain! A tumor that presses on a nerve !!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Luba Reply:

    Mast cell tumors can be malignant or benign and can be dangerous if they are What Does Cancer Look Like in Dogs? Mast Cell Tumors in Cats. More Source:

  2. Magaret Reply:

    A tumor feels like a very swollen lymphnode. Herpes looks like a cluster of bumps typically on the face.

  3. Cristy Reply:

    What do brain tumor headaches feel like? Since one of the most important organs in our body resides in the head, any pain associated with the head alarms people. Although cancer and growths of this region are uncommon, it is important to un… Source:

  4. Palmira Reply:

    Some people that have brain tumors never have headaches as a symptom. Other people, with brain tumors, describe the headaches to be similar to the symptoms of a tension headache. Source:

  5. Kayce Reply:

    Depending on where the tumor is, will determine what it feels like. Some tumors are soft to the touch while others are hard as rocks. I had a medium sized tumor in my breast, it was as hard as a rock, i thought that it was cancer. I went to… Source:

  6. Tari Reply:

    What does a brain tumor feel like? i’m always paranoid about getting cancer we watched a video wear and stuff. and last week at school a girl my age kept getting headaches and

  7. Rachel Reply:

    Seizure is soooo not the first of the symptoms! Its one of the last before you end up in the ER! The headaches I experienced were just general headaches, just a little bit worse, but not enough to worry about! Some aleve and my headaches went away! I only had one migraine and that was two days before my one seizure! Wicked deja vu is one I went through! Also my aura manifested as a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was about to happen!! That was really weird! I didnt have a loss of balance, didnt bump into walls or puke my guts up, as many will tell you are symptoms! My vision didnt get worse; I didnt have numbness in my limbs!Geneegee is a loon and Ive heard that story on here before!!! I mean, seriously, Ive always eaten mangoes! Lotta good it did me lol

  8. Tiesha Reply:

    What do tumors on a goldfish look like? go to this link. You might find more What do tumors look like? Tumors look like abnormal pieces of skin or muscle,

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