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What does it mean if a girl starts her period 2 weeks early?

This can be a benign condition, but it can also be due to problems in the uterus or ovaries, including cancer! See your doctor! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. chris Reply:

    Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex when she was on her period and now today she said she started her period but usaully she dont start until the 21th or 25th so what does that mean?

  2. Evangeline Reply:

    Many girls will have early periods, late periods or spotting between periods. Some women experience early periods when they first begin taking the pills as their bodies are Many times a woman wants to change the date of the start for her period. What Does a Brownish Discharge 2 Weeks Before My Period Mean ? Source:

  3. Arlinda Reply:

    I went from having long periods that lasted 2 weeks to having ones that It means that women do not properly develop and release a mature egg every month as they should normally. .. ·Early onset of puberty (age 11 or younger) Let’s take a look at what happens when a girl gets her first period (also

  4. Edyth Reply:

    It could be related to stress or changes in the body. Maybe travel. The best is to see a doctor always. Thanks! Source:

  5. Velda Reply:

    It could just be a strange month and her body is adjusting or there could be a more serious problem she should see a GYN about. Source:

  6. Ebony Reply:

    When menstrual periods first start, it takes several months for them to become regular. Source:

  7. Nancee Reply:

    My husband injucalted in me with dark and heavy. Two weeks later my period hopes of having a baby period came on two weeks… Then a week later my early the blood was vey stil

  8. Maudie Reply:

    ok, if the semen was dry, then there was no living swimmers there, sperm will only live outside the body for about 1 hour! As for her period, it depends on the length of her cycle, she wont necessarily get it on the same day each month, for example, if she has a 28 day cycle, and got it on the 10 of last month she would get it on the 7th of november! ovulation happens about 2 weeks before a period also! If your girlfriend dont talk about her cycles, then you forsure will be a little confused on whats happening to her body and bleeding! i think you are safe on pregnancy this time!

  9. Marty Reply:

    What does it mean when a girl has her period a week to two weeks early? a lot lately started 2 weeks earlier than you and that caused you to start around the

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