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What does skin cancer look like?

Sun-induced skin cancer, like basal cell, appears as a raised, hard, red, or pearly wound! Melanoma shows as a changing mole! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Pancho Reply:

    Last Friday was our friend Peter’s mroiemal service, I found out that the mole on my back was more than I thought and I’ve been in a crappy mood more than I would like. On the other hand, I’m

  2. Elodia Reply:

    What Does Skin Cancer Look Like on Your Leg?. Malignant melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, can sometimes be hard to detect on the legs, especially Source:

  3. Candra Reply:

    You’ll find a few pictures of different types of skin cancer at this link: Do an image search for "skin cancer" and you’ll find lots of others.

  4. Erlinda Reply:

    The main cause of skin cancer is exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun will harm the skin. The best way to prevent damaging the skin is to wear the properly approved lotion. Source:

  5. Krysten Reply:

    Skin cancer in dogs looks much like it does in humans. It can appear like a mole, a skin tag or a blotch. If the dog has a suspicious spot take them to a vet so it can be treated early. Source:

  6. Lorina Reply:

    The most commonly occurring sign of skin cancer is a change of the skin, these can occur in many forms. They can range from growths to bleeding moles! Source:

  7. Yuki Reply:

    Hello this is Joy,I wanna ask one Question. what is skin cancer?How can coffe be an antidote for skin cancer? what ingredients do coffe have that act as an antidote? excess of

  8. Ilse Reply:

    Those white circles you are describing is most likely a fungal skin infection that is very common among sunbed users! My friend had this last year and it was quite unsightly as it showed up against her tan! She had to have antibiotic cream for some time and was advised against using sunbeds!If you have moles then you really are taking a serious gamble with your life! It may be great to have a tan but at what cost?? Is your life worth having a tan??Any changes in moles should be examined by a doctor and a dermatologist to rule out skin cancer!

  9. Randi Reply:

    Skin cancer what does it look like? Well I guess it would be determined on what type of skin cancer there is as there's 3 types. Here's a basic search from google

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