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What effect does breast cancer have?

Breast cancer which metastasizes can spread to other more vital organs leading to organ failure and death! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Brigida Reply:

    The side effects from various breast cancer treatments also harm the body. If you have breast cancer, you will need to determine what your course of treatment Source:

  2. Stormy Reply:

    Shatavari is an immunistimulant and has therefore long been thought to have a protective effect against the development of cancers and many other diseases. Studies suggest that it may have a particularly strong inhibitory effect in cases of

  3. Adrienne Reply:

    A diagnosis of breast cancer can often mean the beginning of treatments to help remove or prevent further spreading of the disease. The different treatments for breast cancer can often cause several side effects. These side effects vary dep… Source:

  4. Maryrose Reply:

    Breast cancer only effects the body if it has gotten into other areas. It is most dangerous when it gets into the blood stream, because the blood can carry it anywhere in the body. Source:

  5. Cecile Reply:

    The effects of breast cancer are horrible. Especially the physical changes a woman or a man goes through and the mental anguise is just as bad. Men don’t be fooled, you can also get breast cancer yourself, you don’t have to have big breasts… Source:

  6. Naida Reply:

    Writing a cause and effect paper BRCA1 gene as a tumor on breast cancer? I am in the process effect paper on breast cancer of writing a cause and with primary focus on the sup

  7. Glendora Reply:

    Great statistics here:http://www!cancer!org/docroot/STT/stt_0!asphttp://www!postgradmed!com/issues/2004/10_04/mirshahidi!htmAnd this one looks quite promising:http://www!pubmedcentral!nih!gov/articlerender!fcgi??artid=1200808Best of luck!

  8. Van Reply:

    Effects of Breast Cancer. Breast cancer can rapidly spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic You may already have an account.

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