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What is a cause of cancer?

Doctors often cannot explain why one person develops cancer and another does not! But research shows that certain risk etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cherelle Reply:

    How Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Cancer?. Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of death in the United States today. It is the cause of 30% of all Source:

  2. Kattie Reply:

    There are about 200 different types of cancer. They can start in any type of body tissue. What affects one body tissue may not affect another. For example, tobacco smoke that you breathe in may help to cause lung cancer.

  3. Krystin Reply:

    The cause of breast cancer isn’t exactly known at this point. There really aren’t causes, but their are risk factors that don’t exactly mean that, that is why a woman has breast cancer. The main risk factor is just being a woman, as well as… Source:

  4. Kelsie Reply:

    There are risk factors that can increase the chance of getting testicular cancer. They can include having an undescended testicle, a family history of of testicular cancer, HIV infection, race, and carcinoma in situ. You can have testicle c… Source:

  5. Many Reply:

    Cervical Cancer is primarily caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is sexually transmitted. HPV vaccines are available to help prevent development of the viral infection. Look here for more information:… Source:

  6. Pia Reply:

    what is the percentage of population affected by brain cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer?

  7. Yuonne Reply:

    Interacting with stupid people! No, wait, Im thinking of heart disease!!!Stupid people sitting inside an idling car while waiting for somone to finish shopping inside a warm building while complaining about how high gas prices are! The exhaust fumes have been known to cause cancer!

  8. Sharri Reply:

    Causes. Cancers are primarily an environmental disease with 90-95% of cases attributed to environmental factors and 5-10% due to

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