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What is a functional cyst?

A functional ovarian cyst is a sac that forms on the surface of a woman’s ovary during ovulation! They are different than ovarian growths caused by other problems, such as cancer! Most of these cysts are harmless! for now! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jenette Reply:

    There are several different kinds of ovarian cysts. The most common is called a functional cyst. Prior to ovulation, a follicle grows in your ovary in order to release Source:

  2. Saturnina Reply:

    Nov 10, 2008 A functional ovarian cyst is caused by one or more slight changes in the way the ovary produces or releases an egg. During the normal monthly

  3. Roma Reply:

    * A follicular cyst occurs when a sac on the ovary does not release an egg, and the sac swells up with fluid. MORE? Source:

  4. Dorathy Reply:

    A look at the most common type of ovarian cysts. Learn what it means when your health care provider says you have functional ovarian cysts. Source:

  5. Donella Reply:

    Protozoan Cyst is a defense mechanism in the Protozoan family. It takes this form according to the conditions of the host. A change in pH, a change in oxygen supplies, anything that trigers the genetic mechanism. The cyst is evacuated troug… Source:

  6. Jama Reply:

    Functional cyst vs Complex Cyst? In late August I had severe abdominal pain on my the emergency room, only to get a male right side. I ended up going to doctor who did all the

  7. Ayako Reply:

    If its a simple cyst, and not causing you problems or incessant, unbearable pain, your doc is likely to leave it alone!If it does rupture, youre likely to feel a sharp, intense pain that fades away over a couple of hours! I wouldnt worry about it! Just have it monitored when you have your routine OB/GYN checkups!

  8. Ileana Reply:

    There are several other conditions affecting the ovary that are described as types of cysts, but are not usually grouped with

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