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What is so bad about artificial sweetners?

There is concern among consumers and some scientists that artificial sweeteners may cause health problems such as hives, migraines, and cancer! Research done on aspartame in rats showed an increase in risk of leukemia, lymphoma, and breast cancer! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shenna Reply:

    May 31, 2011 As mentioned, artificial sweeteners are found in many products, so quitting One common misstep with giving up bad habits is to replace them Source:

  2. Lauri Reply:

    Artificial sweeteners — Understand the pros and cons of sugar alternatives. Low-sodium diet: Why is processed food so salty? Healthy diet: End the guesswork with these really boost energy? High-fiber foods · Diet soda: Is it bad for you?

  3. Elsy Reply:

    Because it has chemicals in it that your body does NOT know how to process it. Splenda is processed with bleach. YOu should check out how they manufacture it. Would you put bleach (even if it’s just small amount) into your drinks or food? W… Source:

  4. Shantel Reply:

    Artificial sweetners are converted by your liver into formaldehyde and that is a very toxic substance to the body. Anything artificial is just that and your body is not stupid, but it also can only take so much abuse. Sodas have a low pH an… Source:

  5. Selina Reply:

    Aspartame is the worst. Unless the FDA has changed their mind on that as well. LOL The yellow packet that contains Sucralose is probably just fine…it is made from sugar. Source:

  6. Aurora Reply:

    Are artificial sweetners bad for your teeth? Aspertame based.

  7. Madlyn Reply:

    I would highly suggest kombucha tea! It uses real sugar but the yeasts and bacteria transform the sugar and tea into beneficial acids (acetic and gluconic and glucoronic precursors)! I have been drinking it and brewing it this past year – its just sugar sweetened tea that is converted with a SCOBY so it only costs a few cents to make! It has to be bottled not refrigerated for a week to produce the carbonation! I started it for the health benefits (cant really attest to any at this point) but continue it for the soda pop like taste and naturally occurring carbonation! I am highly sensitive to sugar (I get bacterial infections) and caffeine but I can drink a couple of liters of this a day with no problems! (I do brew it to the sugar free stage to make sure though) Its all rather weird and scary but you might want to stop by a health food store and sample GTs Kombucha tea (do not try Carpe Diem brand, it is nasty)! Its not cheap at $4 bottle but you can brew it cheap yourself if you like it!I havent tried it yet, but NOW brand liquid stevia has better reviews (at swansonvitamins!com) Xylitol is a good sweetener! I would highly recommend not using agave due to its high fructose levels processing concerns! Fructose is the most lipogenic carb!

  8. Grace Reply:

    Why are artificial sweeteners bad for you? Because there are alot of chemicals that replace the sweetness of sugar and so it is not good for you to have

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