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What the cause of lung cancer? MORE?

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  1. Tanika Reply:

    lung cancer. In fact, approximately 3000 lung cancer deaths caused by secondhand smoke each year. Most people know that smoking causes lung cancer. Source:

  2. Hanh Reply:

    The American Cancer Sociaty estimates that smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancers. Harmful substances called carcinogens in tobacco harm cells in the lungs. After a while, these cells may turn into cancer. The longer a person smokes, and

  3. Andra Reply:

    The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking or even being exposed to second hand smoke. You can also develop lung cancer from breathing in other carcinogens or chemicals. If you are a smoker then now is a good time to quit!You can find … Source:

  4. Rochel Reply:

    Lung cancer can start anywhere in the lungs that affects the respiratory system. symptoms wheezing, short of breath, coughing, and sometimes when you cough there’s blood in mucus. Cause of lung cancer is when you are exposed to radioactive … Source:

  5. Earline Reply:

    Smoking is by far the most well known cause of lung cancer. Other causes of lung cancer include long term exposure to asbestos, nickel, coal etc. Source:

  6. Milagros Reply:

    mom died on lung cancer a cancer too,how big the posibilities i have month ago,i felt the symptoms of lung too I’m afraid if i have cancer too.

  7. Sixta Reply:

    many reasons:1) most of our politicians own stock in the oil companies! Now if everyone quit driving, what would happen to the value of that stock??????2) everyone needs cars! they are sadly necessary to our society!3) politicians get $$$$ from people lobbying to ban cigarettes! If everyone knew the dangers of car pollution, that $$$ would disappear!

  8. Fawn Reply:

    the tissue lining the bronchi of the lungs (the bronchial epithelium). As more tissue becomes damaged, eventually a cancer develops.

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