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It’s very important that women understand that a considerable time can elapse between the diagnosis of breast cancer and the treatment of that breast cancer and nothing bad will happen to the patient! Stay strong! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ryann Reply:

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer of all women, regardless of race or ethnic background. There are many reasons why this could have happened, and genetics is a big player. Many times, after being diagnosed, women will find out there is more of a family history of breast cancer Mastectomy: I'm "Different" Now Source:

  2. Mayola Reply:

    If someone has breast cancer in one breast the likelihood that it will appear at Now I’m all about making the right decision, at the right time, for the right reason. .. It’s progressive so I know what is going to happen to me and it isn’t pretty.

  3. Carita Reply:

    We want to know about this as soon as possible. If you have received the Sister Study Health Update you can use it to update your health status. Or, you can call our toll-free number 1-877-4SISTER and follow directions for enrolled partici… Source:

  4. Lang Reply:

    You should pray. Source:

  5. Marylou Reply:

    Distant breast cancer recurrence refers to breast cancer that returns in a different location than the original site of the cancer. In other words, the cancer does not come back in the breast, but it comes back in some other part of the bod… Source:

  6. Shira Reply:

    If you were once diagnosed with breast cancer and then it went into remission, is it safe to breast feed baby?

  7. Melissa Reply:

    hi, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer recently as well! i know exactly everything your feeling, and everything you are going through!surgury- you have to calm down, and take it day by day! my mom had surgury first, and she needed recoop time bc she had a mastectomy! it took a bit, but you just have to remind yourself that she comes first now, and she needs you! but shell appreciate your help!chemo- in my opinon, the worst part! this is when ur mom needs you the most! be supporitve! shell be tired alot, my moms hand and feet always hurt, and of course, the hair loss! go to your local hospital and see if they offer a wig program!! thats what my hospital did because they can be expensive! just remember if you get frustrated and ur moms not acting like herself, its the medicene talking!! not her! friends- my mom has had breast cancer since september and a bunch of my friends dont know! i told the ones who would truly care, and would truly be concerned! i knew the ones who would gossip! i would tell ur TRUE friends! it was actually an oppertunity to find out who ur true friends are! i discovered who i can really trust and talk to, and who i cant! grades- your grades might drop, but somehow your teachers might find out and help you out! some of mine did that!hopefully after all her treatment shell be okay! my mom finised her radiation and is now in remission!i am sorry, and i hope everything workks out!

  8. Nita Reply:

    Age: the chances of getting breast cancer increase with age, especially after 65. or daughter diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer also increases the risk. . have breast cancer (that I am aware of) and they both just happen to be two of the now is dismissing the study as invalid and refusing to do real research into it.

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