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Why is breast cancer so dangerous?

Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 45 and 55! The cancer can spread to other parts, too! Any Suggestions here?


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  2. vance jacob howard danchez Reply:


  3. Margaretta Reply:

    An excess of dietary fat allows cancer cells to spread and replicate at an alarming rate, which is why breast cancer is so frightening and dangerous for women Source:

  4. Beatris Reply:

    Jan 5, 2011 As breast cancer progresses to an advanced stage, the prognosis becomes bleak for the patient. Read this blog to learn why breast cancer

  5. Avis Reply:

    The cancer cells will stay fixed in their area in stage one. In stage two, they will start spreading, to other parts of the body. In stage three, it will spread to muscles, in which the muscle cells will start failing. Stage four is the dea… Source:

  6. Jaymie Reply:

    You could die. Source:

  7. Kati Reply:

    It is very dangerous however there are many treatments available. You can choose between conventional and alternative treatments. If you were diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago it would have been a hopeless cause. Source:

  8. Magdalen Reply:

    Stage 4 breast cancer have dangerous bacteria? We have a friend who roof, she have stage 4 breast living with us in one cancer. Since she took an alternative medicines.Somethi

  9. Vivien Reply:

    No, you have NOT run out of courage!!!!You are going to fight this, and you are going to win the fight!Cancer treatments can have unwanted side effects because in order to keep the cancerous cells at bay, they must be aggressive! When you are fighting cancer (and thats just what it is, a fight), you want to use every weapon in your arsenal, and those weapons are powerful!Every drug comes with a risk of side effects, some of them very serious indeed! But thats what it is – a risk – NOT a done deal! You have to get it out of your head that youll get blood clots and strokes, because that would be unusual! Again, its a risk – not a given! If you start reading about the possible side effects of drugs, youll be afraid to take a vitamin pill!In every medical treatment, especially for something as serious as cancer, there is always a benefit-to-risk ratio that must be explored! Is the probable benefit here worth the possible risk?? I would think so! You may not get any side effects at all from the Tamoxifen! Not even a pimple on your bum!Your depression and sadness is perfectly understandable! Your body, the only one youve ever had, has turned on you and given you this cancer! Its the worst kind of betrayal – but now you can start the healing process, and peace with your body again!Life is filled with uncertainty, every day, every moment! Thats why we have to live every moment to the max! PLEASE do not allow yourself to sink into despair over this! A little self-pity is allowed, a lot can be devastating!Are we clear on this?? Do you understand?? You are fighting and YOU ARE WINNING!

  10. Emogene Reply:

    How do you treat both breast and lung cancer? Why is malignant melanoma cancer so dangerous? Why is radioactivity so dangerous to your health?

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