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How can I Help my Cat Lose Weight

You may have such questions as Why Is My Cat Losing Weight and How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Best Way to Lose Weight,too. Read more as following:

In my experience one way to help your cat lose weight is not to over feed. It is easy to leave food out but then the cat eats all day. Feed your cat according to their weight and not any more.

Why is my Cat Losing Weight?

Anytime your animal is losing weight when there has been no change in their diet, you should take them to the vet. It can be something serious but can also be something that is easily fixed.... More »

How many calories should i eat to lose weight?

You need to maintain your Basal metabolic rate.Example if you weigh 180...... More »

How to help your cat lose weight?

Step. 1. When a pet is overweight, it is almost always due to how much food they eat rather than how much they exercise. While you can't put Kitty on a treadmill, regulating her food intake is the most effective way for her to lose weight. Step. 2. B... More »

How to lose weight quickly without exercise?

1. **Avoid White Carbohydrates**. One method to lose weight quickly without exercise is to avoid white carbohydrates. White carbs translate into increased body fat and increased sugar storage. You don't want that when losing weight fast without exerc... More »

How to help your cat or dog lose weight?

1. Check the label of your pet's food. It is important that the calories your cat or dog consumes are full of nutrition, not fillers. Visit the links in the resources section for help in choosing. pet. foods. 2. Feed on schedule and limit intake. Fee... More »

How Many Calories can I Eat and Still Lose Weight?

When people start a diet they usually start eating tons of fruits and vegetables and lean meats without actually thinking about how much or how little they need to eat to lose weight without losing muscle mass. To figure out how many calories you sho... More »


  1. Wiji Reply:

    My cat weights about 19 pounds and I want to help him lose weight any tips?

  2. Mirandaallison77 Reply:

    I need a quick and easy way for my cat to lose weight. My neighbor’s stray cat is very skinny and flea-ridden – I think introducing fleas to my cat might help with her weight problems. Please advise accordingly.

  3. Amira Reply:

    Lately my cat has been eating more and more and exercising less and less. Because of this, she is getting fatter and fatter. She sleeps a lot more during the day. She is 8 months old, in case that’s importaant. How can I get my cat to lose some weight?

  4. Blue Chaos So Nlq Reply:

    I just got a cat today, and he is majorly overweight but a playful kitty, he’s 3 1/2.
    I was wondering if its possible to help a cat lose weight and how.

  5. Jessica A Reply:

    My uncle claims my cat is losing weight, and him and I are both wondering what could be reasons for it.

  6. Yμna Reply:

    Looking for a cheap way to get my cat to lose weight

  7. Concerned Owner Reply:

    My Cat has a weight issue the vet switched him to a different dry food that’s all protein but he says that my cat would lose weight faster if he switched to can food the problem is my cat hates can food well he likes tuna fish but he’s not allowed to eat that suggestions?

  8. Lioness Reply:

    I’ve been trying to get my cat to lose weight, and i called my vet, and he told me I should just completely stop feeding him. I feel like this in inhumane, but should I listen to my vet?

  9. Invisible. Reply:

    Does a cats weight affect its health and how?
    How can I get my cat to lose weight, without changing her eating patterns
    And also, is nine and ten old for a cat
    How old do they live to
    Thanks everyone

  10. I Am Onizuka! Reply:

    My cat love to eat fish. He always ask me to give him more when he already have eaten. He is coming fatter and fatter. What can i do to make my cat lose weight?

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