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How to Reduce a Fever in Cats

You may have such questions as What Medications Can I Give My Cat for a Fever and How to Break a Fever,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Lower a Fever. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to High Fever in Cats,too. Read more as following:

When I was a Vet Tech one of the ways we would reduce a fever in an animal was with ice packs. We would normally kennel the animal and use ice packs around the animal. If the fever is high though, your cat will need IV Fluids as well. The fluids help to hydrate and bring down the fever. If you suspect your cat has a high fever, the best thing you can do it take him/her to your vet.

What medications can i give my cat for a fever?

Metacam (also known by the generic name Meloxicam) offers immediate relief from pain and inflammation. While this is a prescription drug and should be administered under veterinary care, it is remarkably safe for cats that are not suffering from dehy... More »

How to Break a Fever?

In order to break a fever you need to dress yourself lightly and take a fever reducer. You can also try a cool compress and take a cool shower as well.... More »

How to Lower a Fever?

If you need to lower a fever you would want to start with tylenol or motrin. If you are treating a child do not give them aspirin. You can also apply cool clothes to their skin or have them take a cool shower or bath.... More »

How to Get Rid of a Fever?

You can take a fever reducer medicine and in the meantime you can take a cool bath but not too cold because you don't want to shock the body. Just take a cool bath and dress very lightly. You can also apply cool compresses to the back of your neck an... More »

How to Reduce a Fever in Adults?

Fever is your bodies response to illness and is needed for you to get better. It will reduce as you do so. Drink plenty of liquids. Get lots of rest. Use damp towels to help cool the skin.... More »

How to Reduce Fever?

You can fight a fever by getting plenty of rest, drinking iced fruit juice or chilled broth, keeping the room temperature between 70 and 74 and using a blanket if you feel cold. Chewing on ice cubes will also help. You can give children acetaminophen... More »


  1. Pink Reply:

    My cat came in, after being outside, with a swollen bottom lip. (Or perhaps this is the first time I noticed it) It it hasn’t reduced in size for a week and actually appears to be more red and inflammed. She is eating and drinking fine though. Any ideas about what this might be?”

  2. Ghazal Bayat Reply:

    I’ve sprayed but nothing seems to help. They are already all over the yard. We can get them on us just from the car to the house. If they bite it will itch for many weeks even if it doesn’t stick.

  3. Krzyjay27 Reply:

    Hey All, summer is coming and it’s miserable for those with Hay fever, i suffer pretty bad with it every summer and have tried allergy tablets, nasel sprays, washing my clothes regularly and a whole bunch of other stuff, so does anyone have any good tips on how to help control it plzzz!?

  4. Jeffrey V Reply:

    Felix is a great pet and we love him very much. He is going to the vet Tues. for an ear flush. The flush along with antibiotics are for a severe ear infection. I’d love to help him if possible. Thank you.

  5. Mel Reply:

    I have a sick cat with a fever, I would take him to the vet but I can’t until i get the money which will be in a few days so I need to know if there are any home remedies or something I could buy to help with his fever until I can get him to the vet in a few days.

  6. Jack Fontaine Reply:

    I have minor red/orange spots all around the right side of my neck and collar bone. Also, a little bit between my breasts.
    I also have a small mole close to my collar bone on my right side.
    I have a cat for almost 10 years, and nothing has ever happened before.

    Please help me!

  7. Charly! Reply:

    I am a Medicine Cat in an online RPG and I thought it would be cool if I could name some of the herbs and what their effects are. I do realize that you should never use the on any real pets unless you are a trained botanist or other type of scientist that has to do with pets or plants.

  8. Just_me14 Reply:

    My cat has been sick lately he ran a high fever and he begin to drool. We took him to the vet and found out that he was anemic and was having problems with his liver.

    My vet says it could or could not be FIP. He prescribed my cat an antibiotic and a vitamin supplement.

    What could my cat have?

  9. Monica Seacord Reply:

    My 12 year old male cat has a kidney infection being treated with antibiotics for three days now. He is being syringed fed, and is drinking water. How long will it take to start notice improvement?

  10. Dreamertonks Reply:

    I think one or two of my cats have rabies and i am not sure. I came home and found blood in the bath tube and it wasnt’ anyones in the house. None of the cats have blood on them either.

  11. Jarrod Reply:

    My daughters cat has contstant watery eyes and she looks miserable. What advice can you give me to help her?

  12. Nancy B Reply:

    My cat is like 5 years old and he has bloody diarrhea. What could this be from?
    the cat doesn’t go outside. it’s an indoor cat.

  13. Watch Man Reply:

    she is only 3-4 weeks, sneezing etc. i think she has a fever. Have any ideas for today till I can get to the Vet. Thanks

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