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How to Teach the Immune System

You may have such questions as How Does the Immune System Work and What Organs Make up the Immune System,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Parts Of The Immune System. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Immune System Diseases,too. Read more as following:

In my experience and teachings you can’t teach your immune system. You can build it up and make it stronger with supplements and diet modification. Everyone is born with a good immune system if we take care of it but certain things can influence it.

How does the immune system work?

Video Transcript. My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I'm going to talk to you about how the immune system works. Our immune system is actually a very complicated system. Ther... More »

What Organs Make Up the Immune System?

The immune system is made up of organs, cells, and tissues that all work together to make a good immune system. Some organs involved are: the heart, kidneys, and the spleen.... More »

What are the parts of the immune system?

white blood cells thymus spleen bone marrow Appendix... More »

What is Your Immune System?

The immune system is a system that protects the body from unhealthy organism's that try to invade. When something that doesn't belong in the body appears, this system starts to fight it off until it's gone. This is why a cold is usually gone after a... More »

Where Is The Immune System Located?

The immune system is the body's defense system. It is the business of the immune system to recognize "self" (the body's own cells) and "non-self" (an antigen - a virus, fungus, bacterium, or any other cell or piece of foreign tissue). To deal with an... More »

Why is the Immune System Important?

Without a well functioning immune system we are vulnerable to all germs and illnesses. We need our immune system to fight off all that we are exposed to on a daily basis and to keep us well.... More »


  1. Tatertotty Reply:

    Have you ever worked in a day care or other facility where your immune system goes under attack, and did you ever build up enough of an immunity to the colds & flu’s etc. or were you chronically sick?

  2. Basil8210 Reply:

    i need to write an essay explaining one of the systems shown on this movie. can you please explain how this system works and if everything shown on the movie is true or not.
    Thank You. i really appreciate it!

  3. Ana B Reply:

    what’s the relationship between a vaccine and a white blood cell activity? why is the response of the immune system to a vaccine specific? what is one reason it would be difficult to develop a vaccine to be used aganist the common cold?

  4. Wolf Girl Reply:

    I work at a daycare and teach part time and I am constantly sick. How can I get healthy and stay that way?

  5. Turtle Reply:

    there is adherence counselling,teaching about HIV,AIDS and immune system.the cause of resistance, but still people do not take the medications as required.this is shown by high motality rates.

  6. Narendra Reply:

    Does it mean the immune system isn’t working properly or is everyone just different
    Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not lol

  7. Armand Reply:

    Can you immune system aid you in any way with this disease? Or is death inevitable?

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