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What Food has Potassium in It

You may have such questions as What Foods Contain Potassium and What Foods Are Low In Potassium,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are Foods High In Potassium. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Foods High in Potassium List,too. Read more as following:

There are several foods that are great sources of potassium. Some of them are milk, bananas, prunes, raisins, chicken, fish, turkey, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and unsalted nuts.

What Food Contains Potassium?

Some foods that are rich in potassium are; squash, prunes, raisins, roasted peanuts, bananas, tomatoes, avocado, brown rice, honeydew, raisins, turkey, chicken, salmon and sardines.... More »

What Foods are Low in Potassium?

One of the only reasons you should eat foods low in potassium is if you have Hyperkalemia, where you have too high of levels. Some low level foods are blueberries, grapefruit, cabbage, and some cheeses.... More »

What are Foods High in Potassium?

Banana is your best option. For an easily transported and eaten source of potassium the raw banana is the way to go. Just peel and eat!... More »

What Food is High in Potassium?

The most popular food that's high in potassium would be bananas. However, you can get a decent amount of potassium from potatoes, raisins, tomatoes and dried fruit too.... More »

What food has potassium?

Foods highest in potassium are all meats, poultry and fish, apricots, avocado, banana, cantal...... More »

What are High Potassium Foods?

Foods high in potassium include: Bananas (my personal favorite), apricots, avocados, cantaloupe, kiwi, Lima beans, milk and ALL meats, poultry and fish. For more information look here: ... More »


  1. Smunoz Reply:

    I already take magnesium everyday . I was told i have low potassium and i eat alot of food high in potassium. so would it still be ok to take both diatary supplements?

  2. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    It seems nearly impossible to find foods with no salt or potassium. Why?

    My doc has me on a no potassium or salt diet. Every time I go shopping, I come home with nearly nothing.
    Thanks Owen. Only problem is, I have no freezer.

  3. Peacebalance Reply:

    how does the potassium help one’s muscles row faster or better? what is the role of potassium in this case?

  4. Jacob Reply:

    My doctor said to get more potassium and I’m really tired of bananas.

  5. Animechick Reply:

    I keep eating these chips that have potassium chloride in them. I read on the internet that it is bad for the baby to take potassium chloride pills while pregnant, so does that mean i should stop eating these chips? Could it have done anything to my baby?

  6. Oh Pickles Reply:

    My recent blood test came back with a 5.6 Potassium reading and slightly high in LDL Cholesterol.
    My doctor did’t even mention on it, i found out by myself by looking at the blood test report.
    How to avoid high Potassium food, and low in LDL Cholesterol at the same time?

  7. Hay Lolz Reply:

    Lately I’ve been drinking and eating foods with potassium. I was dignosed with epilespy in 2005 me and my husband got to thinking one nite that when i do have seizures my potassium and magnizum levels are low so should it be ok for me to get that extra potassium that I’ve been doing??

  8. Adultery Elk Reply:

    Weird question i know but I heard that low potassium is the cause of leg cramps so I have a leg cramp and have no bananas. What other types of food that have potassium in it?

    Thank you!

  9. Wafi Reply:

    I can’t find any answer to this! Everythings about needing potassium…my friend has too much and is told she can’t eat any foods with potassium which is most of all the foods people should be eating! Why can’t they fix this someother way than to starve her from healthy foods?!!!

  10. Dylan Reply:

    I am waking each night with horrid leg cramps and was told to boost my potassium levels. Besides bananas what foods have potassium naturally.

  11. Ladylynn Reply:

    I don’t know how to measure potassium in food and it is needed to be done in our project. what materials can I use?
    There are foods with potassium measured in miligrams in the nutrition facts so how do they measure it?

  12. Guppymelons Reply:

    I’m starting to get interested in running cross-country, and a couple of my friends say that I should start eating a lot of bananas for potassium. The only problem is: I HATE BANANAS!! Are there any other foods with potassium that I may like?

  13. Sam S. Reply:

    Doctor says i need to eat foods with potassium suggestions?

  14. Dramaqueen! Reply:

    I’ve been told I need more potassium, please list some foods with potassium.

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