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Where to Give Injections

You may have such questions as Who Can Give Injections in a Medical Office and How To Give Intramuscular Injections,or you may also seek several helpful information about Can Medical Assistants Give Injections. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Giving Intramuscular Injections,too. Read more as following:

The best location for injections depends on what you are trying to inject yourself with. Usually the best place is in the thighs or in the butt cheek. If you are unsure ask your doctor or nurse and they will properly inform you.

Who can give injections in a medical office

A licensed person such as a nurse or doctor usually will give injections in a medical office. Medical assistants may give injections if a nurse or doctor is present. It will also depend on the state, as each state has their own regulations of what medical assistants can do.... More »

How to Give Intramuscular Injections?

Intramuscular injections are used when the medicine being injected needs to go directly to the muscle. First you have to prepare the medicine and get a clean needle, then determine where you are giving the shot (upper thigh, butt, upper arm or hip) h... More »

Can medical assistants in DE. give injections?

All medical assistants are supposed to be trained in shot administration. It all depends on the doctor though. Some doctors I worked for let me do shots, some didnt. The lady who just said that her nurse does shots does not get the question. We are t... More »

How to Give An IM Injection?

As per OSHA guidelines, two types of needles are used while giving an IM injection.One needle for drawing the medication, referred to as the "drawing needle" and another needle, known as the "administration needle", for administration of the solution... More »

How To Give Lovenox Injection?

Stroke patients who suffer from paralysis are helped more by Lovenox than heparin, a new study suggests. Researchers gave 1,762 stroke patients who were unable to walk injections of either Lovenox or heparin. Lovenox was 43-percent more effective tha... More »

How to Give a Subcutaneous Injection?

Pinch a inch of skin up between your fingers. With the bevel (hole in end of needle) facing up, gently slide the needle into the skin, at a 45 degree angle. When you feel you have the needle in far enough, pull back on the plunger slightly to look fo... More »


  1. Lily Sanchez Reply:

    I’m terrified of injections – not having blood drawn, but being injected with something. I have to go get a series of shots (TB, Tetanus, and Meningitis) in an hour and am getting really upset about it. I keep crying and getting shaky. What can I do to calm down and/or reduce the pain?

  2. Evesykes Reply:

    That depigmentation fluid reduces or clarifies people’s skin pigmentation by means of injections.But what is it made or compound of ? What is it ?

  3. Aslfuh Reply:

    What happens once the effects of lip injections fade? I know that if a woman gets her breast implants removed, her breasts will tend to sag because the tissue and skin have been stretched. So does the same happen with lips? Can anyone provide pictures?

  4. Karin<3 Reply:

    I was just wondering because i recntly conquered my fear of dental injections and now im having my tetanus/polio in the arm. Im still petrified of shots in the arm but just wanted to know wether they are worse or better than the dental ones?

  5. Brad Reply:

    I’m too young to be losing my hair. I’m an occasional smoker, have a poor diet, and rarely exercise. I want to begin eating better and exercising more. But I’ve heard of scalp injections that can give your hair the nutrients the body’s been deprived of? Anyone know what it could be? Thanks!

  6. Rs2 Reply:

    How do nurses know which needle to use for their injections? Also, is there a web site that lists the needle gauges and the drugs they are used for?

  7. Dominic Reply:

    I have spinal arthritis & I’m supposed to have injections & I just want to know (from people who have had it done) how it effects you. I’m unsure about it.

  8. Samantha Taylor Schwartz Reply:

    My 12 year old son had the injections in his foot for tarsal coalition a couple of weeks ago and it does not seem to to have worked. he has tons of pain when he walks alot what can be done next?

  9. Cetacea Reply:

    Planning to be around 3 months pregnant when we take a trip to Gambia. Injections should be 6 weeks before we leave and then tablets when we come back. Is this safe while pregnant?

  10. Ada Apa Reply:

    What will be the best and humane way to euthanize my dog.
    How many injections? and how long will last the whole operation?

  11. Abraam Reply:

    Im going to OZ for six months in february and was wondering what injections i may need if any. Do i also need to be aware of Malaria and take precautions for that? Im going to Melboune, and Adelaide. Does anybody know how much these injections will cost?

  12. Jade Reply:

    Also if you could tell me why the injections are given at the fixed sites?

  13. Eduardo Reply:

    WIth reference to the circular flow model, what happens if the injections are larger? Describe it in-depth, and what does the government do to combat it?

  14. Thi Reply:

    My cavalier king charles has had both his injections. He’s 10 weeks old. I am wondering if I can take him to a friends house tonight. She has two other dogs. Is this OK?

    He had his 2nd injection 2days ago
    The vet never mentioned any other injections, he said that was the last one!

  15. Zhy Reply:

    She is 4 and to my knowledge has never had any injections. She does go outside at home but now that we wnat to go on holiday we will need to house her in a cattery and I am unsure what she needs.

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