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How Did Rembrandt Die

You may have such questions as When Did Rembrandt Die and What Did Rembrandt Die Of,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Did Rembrandt Die. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Did Rembrandt Pass Away,too. Read more as following:

Rembrandt is generally regarded as the best Dutch painter in the 17th century. In 1631, he left his hometown for Amsterdam and quickly became famous. He was buried in 1669. How he died is rarely known, but some sources say that he died of temporal arthritis.

When did Rembrandt die?

He died in 1669, at 63 years of age.... More »

What did Rembrandt die of?

The answer is rarely given, but there is one reference, and it is that he died of temperal arthritis.... More »

Where did Rembrandt die?

In Amsterdam, Holland.... More »

How did Rembrandt die?

The actual cause of his death is not given in his biographies.... More »

How did rembrandt's wife die?

She died from tuberculosis.... More »

What did Rembrandt's children die of?

Rembrandt's first three children lived 2 months, 3 weeks and 1 month respectively. The fourth, Titus, reached adulthood. It was quite common in those days that baby children died. In those cases no cause of death was given.... More »


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    i love the marie-antoinette, ala victorian age! but any type of art pretty much puts me in awe.

  6. Sharon Davis Reply:

    i wish that gang was real and what happened to the actor of rembrandt? he died right? aids i think?

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    So who are some artists who were actually able to enjoy their fame and riches while they were still alive?

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  17. Miss Nikki Reply:

    Hi I searching for a movie about a person (DofNan????) who tries to fake a painting for Rembrandt, and get caught and trailed. In the court he shows his skills, I need to know the name of that movie, please.

  18. Barrelbabe22 Reply:

    Has there been anyone you admired so much that you would love to meet them – either living now or someone belonging to history such as Gallileo, Einstein or Rembrandt?

    Who you you like to meet if you could and why?

    Thank you!

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