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How Many Calories does Dancing Burn

You may have such questions as How Many Calories Do I Burn a Day and How Many Calories Does Belly Dancing Burn,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Many Calories Does Salsa Dancing Burn,too. Read more as following:

Generally dancing burns about 250 calories per hour. Vigorous dancing, such as aerobic dancing with a step, burns about 600 calories per hour.

How many calories do i burn a day?

Total metabolism depends on the basal metabolic rate, lifestyle activity level and calories burned during exercise. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories needed to sustain basic body processes. If an individual stayed in bed for 24 hours... More »

How many calories does belly dancing burn?

about 250-300 calories/hr depending the the intensity 1 + 42 = 69... More »

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?

The amount of calories one should eat a day depends of various factors such as age, sex, height, weight, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and stress-activity factors. To calculate the number of calories you can use the Harris-Benedict Equation as follows:... More »

How Many Calories does Dancing Burn?

Dancing burns more calories than most other aerobic exercise, but it differs from person to person depending on their weight. In most cases, you can expect to burn between 3-5 calories a minute!... More »

How to lose weight and burn calories dancing?

1. DANCE DURING TV COMMERCIALS -- Have your iPod ready and as soon as a commercial comes on get up and dance! Talent is not necessary. You can dance any old way you like, even if it's just jumping around. Try to move all parts of your body. Swing you... More »

How Many Calories does Walking Burn?

There are a lot of factors that will determine how many calories a person will burn walking. Their speed, distance, time, and body size need to be taken into account. Generally it ranges from about 150 to 500 calories burned per hour of walking. You... More »


  1. Annoymous Reply:

    how many calories does dancing for an hour and a half burn?

  2. Angelica Reply:

    I had a piece of bread (80cal) and a potato for lunch. Would this burn it off or do I need to do more exercise?

  3. Greeceangel33 Reply:

    Heya. I was wondering, how many calories do you burn dancing hard for 3 minutes (average song length) thanks you :) xx

  4. Elisa Reply:

    in the seventeen magazine it gave examples of how doing activites for one hour burned alot of calories. it listed dancing and iwanted to no how many dancing burned.

  5. Poptart Reply:

    At my homecoming, my friends and I danced for 3 hours.
    We also sung to about 2 hours of music.
    How many calories do you think we burned?

  6. Trel Reply:

    Does it help you lose weight? I’ve been dancing for two hours straight everyday recently and I’d like to know if it’s worth it.Well I know its a good thing but is it just like exercising? And I’d also like to know if I need to diet too.

  7. Shantae334 Reply:

    I’m talking dancing like you would in a club, mainly with your hips and body like. How many calories would that burn typically?


  8. Damon Reply:

    i’ve got this dvd. it’s called 10 Minute Solution, Dance if Off and Tone it UP. it’s got some belly movements and all sorts of stuff. do you think i’ll burn alot of calories by dancing to it?

  9. Nagaraju Reply:

    Approximately.. I know it varies
    How far do you have to walk to burn 1 calorie?
    How many sit ups do you have to do to burn 1 calorie?
    How long to dance to burn calories? (Ik it varies on dance moves)
    Thank-you to whoever can answer any of these!

  10. Arlene Reply:

    Like hula hooping with a REGULAR hulahoop burn around 700 calories each hour and dancing burns 400 each hour… I’m SO confusedd??

  11. Tobi Reply:

    I just wondering how many calories does dancing around your room to music burn an hour. By dancing i mean like mental- twisting and jumping to your fav song type of dancing. haha.

  12. Wessbro Reply:

    do you really burn calories listening and dancing to music? if so how many? cause i listen to music alot

  13. J.r. Reply:

    roughly how many calories would 2 hours of dancing burn ?

  14. S Reply:

    I am a dancer, and I have always wondering how many calories does a 90 minute jazz dance class burn?

  15. Karan Reply:

    At the gym there’s a “Calories burned” counter on the treadmill ; You enter your weight, click start, and the calories go up as you workout. How accurate is this?

  16. Cowgirl…<3 Reply:

    I am doing an article about how dancing does so many great things for you! SO i was just wondering what all you people out there think. How does dancing burn calories and why?
    Thank you all so much for your answers! xoxo

  17. Smh Reply:

    How much calories does dancing for 30 min burn?? Tips PLZ

  18. Phoebe Reply:

    About how many calories does dancing for an hour burn if you’re 150lbs??

  19. White Rose Reply:

    I am 5ft3 and 97lbs, how many calories does just dance 2 burn if i am doing the dances properly, arms and legs?
    1.6 metres and 44kg

  20. Sydneyc Reply:

    I’m starting a diet plan, and I need to know how many calories are burned by the dancing I’m doing; in order to figure out how many calories I can eat every day. Does anyone know, or have a general idea of how many calories these different types of dancing burn?

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