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How to Heal a Hamstring Pull

You may have such questions as How To Heal A Pulled Hamstring and How To Heal A Pulled Hamstring Quickly,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Heal A Pulled Hamstring Faster. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Symptoms of a Pulled Hamstring Muscle,too. Read more as following:

There really is no trick to healing a hamstring pull. It just takes time and patience. You will have to quit participating in activities that slow the healing process such as exercising or anything that involves heavy weight bearing on the muscle.

How to Heal a Pulled Hamstring?

To heal a pulled hamstring you will need to give it a rest. Take it easy for about a week and try to minimize the movement and use of that particular hamstring.... More »

How to heal a pulled hamstring quickly?

1. Determine the severity of your injury. If it is so bad you can barely walk, or if it's extremely painful for days, you should see a doctor and follow his advice. 2. Treat your mild to medium hamstring pull using the RICE method: rest, ice, compres... More »

How to heal a pulled hamstring faster?

1. The hamstring muscle is located at the back of the thigh. A pulled hamstring is really a torn muscle. Proper treatment depends on how severely you tore the muscle. Generally speaking, if you can still walk with mild to moderate discomfort it is a... More »

How long for a pulled hamstring to heal?

A pulled hamstring, or any other muscle strain, can take from two to six week...... More »

What helps heal a pulled hamstring?

Hamstring treatment: Ice can control swelling and pain but doesn't stop it complet...... More »

How do you heal a hamstring pull?

rub it... More »


  1. Rika Reply:

    My fiance recently pulled his hamstring. He has a BIG fitness test on Saturday and I am trying to help him feel better. I know he is probly not going to be able to take the fitness test, but I am trying to help him feel better ASAP. What type of food should he be eating to help him heal faster?

  2. 15murad Reply:

    I slightly pulled my Hamstring but it still hurts when I run, not too much but enough to slow me down. Soccer tryouts are next week, so I have about 4 days to try and heal my leg, How can I heal it so much as I can run about 90%?

  3. Yaz Reply:

    Can somebody please tell me how to heal my torn hamstrings?! Im very athletic and im very fast at running, but my thies hurt majorly. I really want it to heal.

    And if it does heal, how long does it take? And is the hamstring weaker?

  4. Mayda B Reply:

    My hamstring has been bothering me and i pulled it pretty bad yesterday in a soccer game. I have practice today and a big game tommorow that i need to play in. any help?

  5. Korrissa Reply:

    I pulled it playing hockey and cannot accelerate.

  6. Arch Angel Reply:

    Ive been strengthening, stretching, icing and all of that. Its gotten alot better, but I still can feel it there and if I sprint I tug at it and it hurts, any suggestions on how to make it heal?

  7. Warrior9988 Reply:

    How long does a severe pulled hamstring take to heal?

  8. Vasu Reply:

    I recently healed my hamstring on the right leg from a sports injury, (although still acts up after running) but now my left one is killing me. I haven’t done any sports related things in four days and it just occured today. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary that would disturb my leg.

  9. Dominic Tarantino Reply:

    Well like 3 months ago i pulled my hamstring and the nxt day it got better, but now when i work out it gets pulled again and other parts of my hamstring gets pulled.I can not do anything without feeling like ill pull it again. Im like stuck.

  10. Samuel Johnstone Reply:

    So what is the maximum time for it to heal and what is the minimal time?

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