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How does Tooth Bleaching Work

You may have such questions as How To Get Laser Tooth Bleaching and How To Make Bleaching Molds For Tooth Whitening At Home,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Best Way To Bleach A Tooth. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Prices on Teeth Bleaching,too. Read more as following:

There are oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide in the dental bleaching items that lightens the shade of your tooth. The agent penetrates the porosities in the enamel to lighten the stain deposits.

How to get laser tooth bleaching?

Step. 1. Consider laser tooth bleaching especially for stains that do not respond to regular whitening gel. These include stains that are gray or very dark, especially those caused by tetracycline and other medication. Step. 2. Receive laser tooth bl... More »

How to make bleaching molds for tooth whitening at home?

1. Heat the mouth guard in boiling water for one minute, or according to the manufacturer's directions. The mouth guard should become pliant. 2. Remove the mouth guard from the boiling water with a pair of tongs and place it into a bowl of lukewarm w... More »

What is the best way to bleach a tooth?

There are several ways to bleach a tooth. These options include Opalescence Treswhite Supreme, Crest Whitening Strips, Go Smile, and Listerine Whitening Pen.... More »

How safe is tooth bleaching?

We can't pick up a magazine or watch television without seeing a tooth whitening ad, with overly white teeth grinning at us, beckoning us to have our own "dazzling" pearly whites. Of course everyone wants sparkling white teeth and an attractive smile... More »

How much does tooth bleaching cost?

$400-$900 is a ballpark cost range for what a dentist might charge for a single pr...... More »

What about tooth bleaching?

After making models of your teeth we provide form fitted trays. At home, you use a powerful bleach solution one hour each day over a period of two weeks. This process reduces the possibility of sensitivity, is much less expensive then the in-offic... More »


  1. Zirp Reply:

    i want tooth whitener or tooth bleach but i dont know which one to choose out of all the choices out there..any ideas?

  2. Spider Pig Reply:

    i’m getting my braces taken off on monday
    and i want to get my teeth bleached
    how long should i wait after my orthodontist takes them off?

  3. Sad Reply:

    I got my teeth bleached at my dentist. I do not drink coffee and I do not smoke. However, she said I should keep off colored foods/drinks (tea, red wine, chocolate, fruit) for a week, but it seems a little exaggerated. Can I eat strawberries?

  4. Aanya M Reply:

    I was told that teeth bleaching can remove the enamel from your teeth and I was wondering if the enamel building toothpastes would still work to rebuild the enamel on your teeth after the bleaching process has begun.

  5. Ramesh Sharma Reply:

    I met a girl and she has beautiful white teeth. She had gotten her teeth bleach but didn’t think it was appropriate to ask how much it cost?

  6. Dr. Finkelstein Reply:

    I’m getting my teeth bleached in like a day and a half but I wanted to dye my hair tonight, is that safe?


  7. Careforadiamond Reply:

    Is getting your teeth bleached worth the money? And I’ve also heard that it causes increased sensitivity, anyone have this problem or notice it after this procedure? Is the increased sensitivity permanent, or does it subside?

  8. Ataru Moroboshi Reply:

    I really want to get my teeth bleached but ive herd it costs over £200 also does it make your teeth really sensitive? Plus im still in full time education so i didn’t know if that would make a difference?

  9. Sabrina Baker Reply:

    I want to get my teeth bleached/whitened at my local dentist office. I looked on their website and they don’t list ANY prices, only what they offer… Could you please tell me what the average price of bleaching/whitening is?

  10. S Reply:

    Just wondering how safe is professional tooth bleaching if you’re doing at home. What’s the best way to go about professional tooth bleaching?

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