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How to Stop Spitting When You Talk

You may have such questions as How To Stop Sleep Talking and How To Prevent Spitting When Talking,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do You Stop Spitting When You Talk. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Causes of Too Much Saliva,too. Read more as following:

From my knowledge some people spit when they talk because they may have a gap in their teeth or something wrong with their teeth. If you have a gap you could have the gap filled to keep from spitting while talking. You may also swallow your spit before you talk to keep from spitting.

How to Stop Sleep Talking?

The number one way of stopping sleep talking is to develop a routine on getting a good night sleep. If you do all the things recommended for that it should stop your sleep talking. Things like watch what you eat before bed and developing good stress... More »

How to prevent spitting when talking?

1. Slow down when you talk. When you become excited, there's a good chance that you speed up your speech. This can cause you to trip over your words or form unnatural/unusual words or sounds. When this occurs, you may accidentally spit. Whenever you... More »

How do you stop spitting when you talk?

Lots of water and eating peas and carrots helps as well!!... More »

How to stop babies from spitting?

1. Feed your baby in an upright position to prevent slouching and provide a direct route from your baby's mouth to his stomach, decreasing excess air. 2. Burp your baby after each ounce of formula to minimize air intake. Keep the bottle in a upright... More »

How to stop spray gun spitting?

1. Remove the nozzle of your spray gun and remove the needle valve from your spray gun. 2. Pour some mineral spirits in a small cup. 3. Dip the toothbrush in the cup of mineral spirits to get it wet. 4. Using the toothbrush scrub the needle valve, no... More »

How do I Stop Talking in my Sleep?

It is very hard to control talking in your sleep. Some people will get mouthpieces in extreme cases or try exercising as a way to reduce stress which is believed to cause some talking in sleep.... More »


  1. High Heel Hanna. Reply:

    What causes spitting while speaking, and how can it be prevented?

  2. Barrel Racer Chick Reply:

    I have done this recently, and it’s embarassing. The person wiped their eye, which is a tell tale sign. How do i stop it? what could be the cause of it?

  3. Elliedoll Reply:

    I’ve been bullied 2 years by the same guy. How do I stop being afraid of him?
    I always try to but it’s hard to ignore.
    Im confused if I should punch him or not.

  4. Ice Reply:

    yes i have a friend that when ever he talks spit comes out his mouth is there a way for him to prevent this cause it always happens. He talks normal but it just comes out.

  5. Babyv22 Reply:

    Like when I talk I sound sloppy and girl-like and sometimes spit, how do I talk right?

  6. Kevin Reply:

    I did have a bad habit of not eating, but when I did end up eating, I normally chewed the food and spit it out. I had been doing it since September, I did stop for about two weeks but now these habits are beginning to come back stronger than ever. Could I have an eating disorder?

  7. Kittynyc Reply:

    And i struggle speaking through a mist of spit its imbarising

  8. Gem Reply:

    When I talk to my friends I always spit a couple times. I do not have braces so… T_T

    If I need to talk slower how can I make myself talk slower?

  9. Nik Kimno Reply:

    I spit sometimes when I talk, it’s really gross and embarrasing! How can I stop?

  10. Wafi Reply:

    My daughter is 5 months old and she spits up everytime she eats even when she eats baby food. I plan on asking the doctor next time we go but you know doctors dont know everything so I wanted to ask you guys first b/c someone probablly knows the reason why she is doing the from experience!

  11. Slumberhippiey Reply:

    I sit in front row (other seating is not an option) and he spits waterfalls on me (specially during the resurrection part of Jesus’s story). How do I get it to stop?

  12. Njoud Reply:

    I wear retainers during the day for now, and I tend to spit more than usual. Even then without retainers, I occasionally spit out accidentally. I now have a food job, and I don’t want to somehow spit on the food.

  13. Perry M Reply:

    for some reason i always spit when i talk and it is very emberrasing and do i stop?

  14. Sam Buéno Reply:

    I have braces and it causes me to sometimes spit when i talk. How can I stop it?

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