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Can diabetes make you infertile?

Diabetes can cause several complications, on of which is infertility and gestational diabetes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charise Reply:

    Does Having Diabetes Make You Infertile?. Diabetes is a disorder related to your metabolism that causes frequent urination and thirst. The most common form is Detail:

  2. Pinkie Reply:

    Learn more about diabetes and infertility – a common diabetes complication – from Dr. Falcone of You may or may not have female infertility, but you do want to become pregnant. To make the situation worse, infertility is hidden in society.

  3. Kayleigh Reply:

    UK scientists have discovered that DNA damage in the sperm of diabetic men is higher than in the sperm of men who do not have diabetes. They suggest this may make diabetic men less fertile. You can read about the study in the journal Human … More:

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  5. Yuk Reply:

    Adoption should be about the child not about the infertile or otherwise adoptive parent! Adoption should only be a consideration for any child if there is no hope of them being raised in their biological family! Infertility in itself should not preclude anyone from becoming an adoptive parent! The criteria to place a child for adoption surely should encompass far more than a fertility issue for the potential parents! Infertility is probably the most common reason for someone seeking out adoption as an alternative! It does not necessarily mean it is the best reason! Each case has to be assessed on individual merit always with the childs interests firmly at the heart of it all! Sadly it is all becoming more about the parents and their need or sense of entitlement!

  6. Rosalva Reply:

    Can a bladder infection make you infertile? Health > Sexual and Family Health > Pregnancy > Fertility and Conception > Does diabetes make you infertile?

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