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Can you cure diabetes?

With increasing optimism, scientists report progress in immune therapies that could stop type 1 diabetes in its tracks! MORE?? ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Audrie Reply:

    Treatment of diabetes has improved considerably during the past few decades, See what methods you can use to treat diabetes with help from an expert in. Detail:

  2. Aurea Reply:

    Unfortunately a cure is not currently available. Islet cell transplants, possibly produced using stem cells hold out some hope for type 1 diabetics. Type 2 pathophysiology is quite difference with insulin resistance, very early disease can

  3. Socorro Reply:

    The most prevalent cause of vision loss in those with diabetes is diabetic macular edema, in which the blood vessels of the eyes leak and the retina swells, which then leads to difficulty focusing and blurry vision. According to DiabetesInC… More:

  4. Fermina Reply:

    There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 Diabetes always requires insulin in calculated amount for treatment. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with different medicines which are knowns as oral hypoglycemics. Type 2 Diabetes … More:

  5. Jeniffer Reply:

    It’s said that there is no cure for diabetes. It’s only managable. I see this as questionable since it’s been known that some people who have Type 2 diabetes from being overweight, have been diabtetes free once they have lost weight and cha… More:

  6. Lia Reply:

    How can you get Gastric bypass is a risk for complications to cure diabetes when diabetes for GB? Conclusions Complications occurred in 18.3% of patients, but 95% were treated

  7. Annelle Reply:

    It all boils down to the fact that it is just too complicated to cure!Many people have had pancreas transplants but the transplant is difficult due to the fact that the pancreas is very delicate and not everyone is an organ donor! Right now they only do these transplants when someone is dying from diabetic complications! My uncle had a pancreas/kidney transplant and lived for 15 years until he had a heart attack!Doctors all over the US and Canada have been working on islet cell transplantation! I know that in Philadelphia they had cured several people this past summer! The islet cell transplantation is only in the clinical trial stages right now! The medical community has recently found a better way to transplant these cells and they have had better results but it will be years before this is available to all diabetics! I was in the clinical trial in Philly and only know all of this info because I asked! I unfortunately had other health problems and had to drop out! The medical community has been working for years on an artificial pancreas or implantable insulin pump! There have been way too many problems with these however! There seems to be new discoveries and hope on the horizon everyday! Ive been reading for years that a cure is just around the corner! Hopefully one day soon someone will find the thing that finally works perfectly!

  8. Fleta Reply:

    Most cases of type two diabetes can be cured you stay on a diet. This means to exercise well, eat more foods with vitamins, not eat too much junk food, etc.

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