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How long can you actually have diabetes before symptoms appear?

Many people have diabetes for years before they show symptoms! !!! The earlier you know you have diabetes, the sooner you can make these important lifestyle changes and adjustments! if you are concerned contact your Doctor or a Diabetes Center! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Dionna Reply:

    How long the symptoms last can vary from person to person. In general, heart attack If you have diabetes, take steps to manage it correctly. Maintain a healthy Detail:

  2. Stefania Reply:

    Symptoms of Diabetes Can Sneak Up on You. If you haven’t been tested recently, you may actually have it and not realize it. Diabetes is an The really serious diabetes symptoms show up later and often may require hospitalization.

  3. Lane Reply:

    The First Outbreak According to the CDC, most people are unaware that they’ve been infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) and can go for years before noting symptoms. However, if someone experiences an initial outbreak, it will t… More:

  4. Zoe Reply:

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) A human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection can start to show symptoms as early as 6 weeks after infection. However, some people have carried the virus for as long as 10 years without showing any sympto… More:

  5. Chin Reply:

    Many people believe that they are in no danger of spreading the swine flu until symptoms appear. In reality, the Centers for Disease Control warns that symptoms may not appear for one full day after being infected. It is important to recogn… More:

  6. Yadira Reply:

    How long can you have symptoms for diabetes before …? You are diagnosed, go into a diabetic coma, or anything else along these lines? Thanks for the help.

  7. Gilma Reply:

    yup they are up and running :)

  8. Renata Reply:

    How severe do diabetes symptoms have to be before you have diabetes? well if you have the symptoms, you MIGHT have the disease. If you think you have

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