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Is diabetes hereditary?

More than 80 percent of diabetics who are diagnosed each year have at least one family member with the disease! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ardell Reply:

    Those diseases can also be hereditary, or passed down in family generations. Is this the case with diabetes? This article will explore if diabetes is a hereditary Detail:

  2. Michell Reply:

    Almost 80% of diabetics have a history of diabetes in their family. The the allele that causes diabetes is a recessive trait, so most will never develop the disease.

  3. Danita Reply:

    Hereditary lymphedema is an inherited lymph system disorder. It is characterized by swelling of subcutaneous tissue caused by obstruction of lymphatic vessels and resulting edema of lymph fluid. There are three forms of hereditary lymphedem… More:

  4. Victor Reply:

    Type I. It can also be obtained from sexual intercourse. Type I is currently incurable, but type II can be cured by exercising and eating well. More:

  5. Celia Reply:

    According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 23.6 million American children and adults, or 7.8 percent of the population, have diabetes. Along with environmental risks, there is a hereditary component to diabetes. More:

  6. Debbie Reply:

    Any proof?

  7. Madalene Reply:

    A lot depends on several variables in the affected genes: http://www!genetichealth!com/dbts_genetics_of_type_1_diabetes!shtmlIn other words, no easy or reliable way to quantify it other than the risk is there!

  8. Valery Reply:

    Yes, in some cases diabetes is hereditary, Other times it is not. Click Here. First answer by ID3632094082. Last edit by ID3632094082. Question popularity: 0

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