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What are diabetic socks and what are they for?

People with Diabetes often will have serious foot problems and require extra special care of their feet!Diabetic socks protect ft! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Crissy Reply:

    If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpode.

  2. Claris Reply:

    Although there is little testing information regarding socks, customers have left reviews of diabetic socks they have purchased, have mostly said the socks were Detail:

  3. Dakota Reply:

    These comfortable seam-free socks protect the feet by helping reduce the risk of skin irritations and diabetic foot ulcers.

  4. Bobbie Reply:

    Find your sock source. There are so many sources available today for diabetic socks compared to a few years ago. You used to have to go to your doctor and they might be able to recommend a place to get a diabetic sock. What is a diabetic so… More:

  5. Karlene Reply:

    If you have diabetes, then by now you’ve heard of diabetic socks. Many new diabetic patients don’t know the difference between diabetic socks and regular cotton socks, and are confused when it comes to purchase. Here are a few tips that can… More:

  6. Guadalupe Reply:

    Diabetes does not just affect the internal organs and blood sugar levels in the body. It also takes its toll on the feet. For this reason, many diabetics turn to diabetic socks to protect the feet and promote good foot health. More:

  7. Kathlene Reply:

    Do Diabetic socks help to stop callouses from forming when a Diabetic wears them w/leather shoes..? I’m having a lot of problems w/my feet, one foot in particular: after a toe

  8. Melinda Reply:

    Hello! My 15 month old is a chunk and I too was looking for socks (asap) that would fit his ankles correctly! After an exhausting search and no luck, I accidentally found some Hanes toddler socks at Wal-Mart! I bought both styles available (ankle/crew) and they really fit great!Would definitely recommend you try to find them and see if they work for your boy!

  9. Etsuko Reply:

    Diabetes raises the blood sugar level, which can increase the risk of foot ulcers. Diabetic socks are made to be unrestrictive of circulation. They also control

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