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What are the chances of a man getting thrush?

Your chances of getting thrush increase if you wear tight clothing because this prevents natural ventilation, take certain antibiotics are having chemotherapy or have uncontrolled diabetes, HIV or other illnesses that affect your immune system! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charolette Reply:

    Fortunately, there are methods of treatment for thrush and modes of This will reduce your baby's chances of getting thrush. Male Symptoms of Thrush Detail:

  2. Linnie Reply:

    Even though your chances of passing it to your guy are slim, you should still to treat the infection can deteriorate latex (putting you at risk of getting pregnant if

  3. Ebony Reply:

    Well, for a normal man the chances are zero but if the man is very very fat and has squidgy moobs and have a beer belly then there is a 5% chance that they could infact contract breast cancer. More:

  4. Sherril Reply:

    You are having sex with someone who is HIV positive? You’re living dangerously. Ok, enough preaching. Do you have any open cuts or sores on your penis? Probably not. Did you wash after you pulled out? You probably have a low risk of getting… More:

  5. Merilyn Reply:

    A man can get thrush anywhere on his body that is dark and moist. More:

  6. Eugenia Reply:

    Terry Wogans Thrush??????????? he said on BBC3 he has suffered for over 38 years with Thrush.WHATS Thrush?? what is it all about????????????? Terry seems medium? thanks mousey

  7. Joleen Reply:

    If anything men are usually carriers for those sorts of things and thats about it! If it did even spread to you it may go away on its own but if you two are still having sex you might get treated the same time to make sure you arent playing ping pong and passing it back and forth! She may be right about the meds though! Antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria that maintains a clean healthy vagina giving yeast or bacterial infections! PS; antibiotics can make birth control pills temporarily uneffective! Use condoms while she is on them and for awhile after if you are not trying to concieve!

  8. Doreatha Reply:

    The following can lessen your resistance to infection and increase your chances of getting thrush: Taking antibiotics or steroid medications; Having HIV infection

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