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What can a lack of insulin cause?

Type 1 diabetes (also called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes) is caused by a lack of insulin! This type is found in 5 percent to 10 percent of diabetics and usually occurs in children or adolescents! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leeann Reply:

    In addition to fatigue, anemia can cause dizziness, headaches, chest pain and The lack of insulin means the glucose won't be converted into energy and the Detail:

  2. Merrilee Reply:

    Fatigue is the collective term used to describe a feeling of low energy, sleepiness and lack of motivation. Occasional fatigue is common, and can usually be attributed to notable lifestyle factors, such as lack of sleep or working too hard…. More:

  3. Kaley Reply:

    With obesity reaching epidemic status in the United States, insulin resistance and diabetes rates are skyrocketing. A disease that is directly linked to obesity, insulin resistance occurs when the body’s tissues no longer respond to insulin… More:

  4. Francie Reply:

    Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin. It is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. More:

  5. Deanne Reply:

    What are the effects of lack of insulin? Besides a buildup of sugar and type I diabetes 😀 Ty

  6. Cayla Reply:

    You have several strikes against you for having diabetes! 1! you were GD2! you are overweight3! you have a heart conditionGet a copy of the blood work they did in the hospital to diagnose the diabetes! Yes, the bod will shut down on very high levels of glucose!I will make an even bet that your glucose was near 1000 and your A1c was over 13! That is an instant indication of diabetes!

  7. Melinda Reply:

    This can cause injection amyloidosis, and prevents the storage of insulin for . lipids, which are converted to triglycerides; lack of insulin causes the reverse.

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