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What causes diabetes?

Well the answer is not definite, as there can be a number of reasons responsible for diabetes! Every year new research is conducted, and new causes can be found responsible for diabetes! Diabetes affects the body’s ability to produce insulin! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Solange Reply:

    What Causes Diabetes?. Diabetes is a serious condition, which has reached epidemic proportion both in United States and in European countries. About 20 Detail:

  2. Tommie Reply:

    type two is when you eat so much unhealthy food that your pancreas fails, type one is when youre born with an ineffective pancreas

  3. Rosina Reply:

    The cause of diabetes is most generally being over weight. You can also inherit it from your parents. Having a poor diet can also lead to diabetes. More:

  4. Lavon Reply:

    Diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not make enough (or any) insulin and when it does produce insulin it does not work effectively and this will cause your blood glucose levels to be too high. It can be caused by genetics,obesity,preg… More:

  5. Ofelia Reply:

    There is no clear cut cause for juvenile diabetes. The body just doesn’t make enough insulin in the pancreas to control the levels of glucose. More:

  6. Renna Reply:

    What is the difference between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus? Why are they both called diabetes? please help me to understand this condition better

  7. Krissy Reply:

    If you believe the media, and what most people around you think, then Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar, eating too much junk food, living a bad lifestyle, being a couch potato! You will also hear lots of information about how you can prevent diabetes by losing a little weight and taking regular exercise!Guess what?? Most of that is rubbish! I learnt that the hard way! Last year I was diagnosed with diabetes! I hadnt touched sugar in 15 years, and was not a great fan of any refined carbohydrates! I was known among my friends for eating a healthy, varied diet! I dont have a car; my only form of transport is walking and I do that a lot! I used to be overweight but over the past years had lost 25% of my body weight, and kept it off! I was 129 pounds/BMI 23!9 when diagnosed! Ever since then Ive been reading all I can about the condition, and I realized (and this is backed up by my doctors) that the only thing I did wrong was to have chosen the wrong grandparents! Oops! How could I prevent diabetes by choosing better grandparents?? I recently read a really good summary of what medical science knows (and doesnt know) about diabetes! Its by the chief medical officer of the American Diabetes Association and you can find it here: http://thechart!blogs!cnn!com/2011/04/15/with-diabetes-dont-focus-on-blame/

  8. Catalina Reply:

    There are several types of diabetes with different causes. All can have life threatening side effects ranging from blindness to kidney and cardiovascular disease

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