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What is it called when a woman gets diabetes only when she’s pregnant?

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  1. Ben Reply:


  2. Oda Reply:

    Gestational diabetes is when a woman gets diabetes while she is pregnant. one-hour test and move on to the three-hour test only if the first test comes back with elevated results. Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes . Detail:

  3. Jillian Reply:

    The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much. Amelia Barr If a woman gets diabetes when she is pregnant, but never had it before, then she has gestational diabetes. This type of test is called an oral glucose tolerance test.

  4. Laila Reply:

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  5. Lessie Reply:

    Gestational Diabetes is an illness you can get when you are pregnant that usually resolves once you give birth. More:'re-pregnant

  6. Maryann Reply:

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  7. Vasiliki Reply:

    Is death a possibility if a 17 yr old girl with uncontrolled diabetes and kidney damage if shes pregnant?

  8. Candice Reply:

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  9. Cherlyn Reply:

    If you have a daughter then she would have a slightly increased chance of developing gestational diabetes when she Then again it went so called "AWAY " only to return a year after his birth. Can a woman who has diabetes get pregnant?

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