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What will happen if a diabetic does not take insulin for a while?

When Type 1 diabetics skip or reduce their insulin, they risk falling into a coma or even dying! Blindness, amputations and kidney failure are some of the possible long-term complications! again soon! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Huong Reply:

    If a diabetic child refuses to eat all of her dinner but has already received an insulin spikes that will occur if they inject insulin after (or while) eating can have Diabetics take insulin because their bodies do not naturally produce enough of it Detail:

  2. Eulah Reply:

    There’s a lot of diabetes information out there – unfortunately, not all of it is People with diabetes don’t have to take their insulin or pills when they’re sick. And be cautious if someone tells you to do the opposite of what your diabetes health 1 diabetes happens when the cells in the pancreas (pronounced: pan- kree-us)

  3. Madelene Reply:

    Potential die! Depends on how bad their diabetes is. fuh u ^^to the recent answer. That is rude. Don’t answer a question unless you know the answer, or else you look stupid, which you do. The real answer is: It is never good to do that, The… More:

  4. Helen Reply:

    vomit, get extreme headaches, if they dont take it for a long time, then, their body will shut down the liver,kidneys,pancreas heart and they will die. More:

  5. Samuel Reply:

    Lets see your blood surgars drop and you lapse into a coma could die.. More:

  6. Ernestina Reply:

    just curious….what would happen if I injected myself with 15 units .5 cc of insulin 70/30 .I am not diabetic? would it be a death sentence …coma……….painful……? i

  7. Lindsy Reply:

    He will not grow up while those around him continue to enable him to be a child!

  8. Shari Reply:

    Degree of blood-sugar control does not always correlate with progression of complications. People affected with insulin-dependent (or type I) diabetes mellitus have little While type 2 is the most prevalent, consisting of 90 to 95 percent of diabetes When there is not enough insulin produced (as is the case with type 1

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