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How do You Determine Your Bmi

You may have such questions as How To Determine Your Bmi and How To Determine Child Bmi,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Determine Ideal Weight From Bmi. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Height Weight Age Calculator,too. Read more as following:

Use an online BMI calculator to determine your BMI or body mass index. To use the calculator, enter your height, weight, and hit calculate. The resulting number will tell you if you are overweight, obese, or underweight.

How to determine your bmi?

1. Weigh yourself on an accurate scale. Multiply your weight in pounds by 703. For example, if you weigh 165 lbs, multiply this number by 703, so 165 x 703 = 115,995. 2. Measure your height in inches and square it. For example, if you are 6 feet tall... More »

How to determine child bmi?

1. Remove your child's shoes, hair ornaments or hair designs, which could interfere with a height measurement. 2. Instruct to the child to stand with his feet flat and together, up against a wall. The child's legs should be straight and his arms shou... More »

How to determine ideal weight from bmi?

1. Measure your height in inches. 2. Multiply your height times itself (this is called "squaring"). For instance, if you are 70 inches tall, the equation would look like this: 70 x 70 = 4900. 3. Multiply the answer from step 2 by 18.5. In this exampl... More »

How to determine your bmi and measurements on the daily plate?

1. Log in to your Daily Plate account. You will be taken to the My Plate page. 2. Click the "My Weight" tab under the main tool bar. 3. Click the "BMI" chart link that appears under the My Weight tab. Your BMI will be displayed with a chart. 4. Click... More »

How to determine bmi (body mass index?

1. WEIGH and MEASURE yourself. For this example, let's say you weigh 200 pounds even. Again, for the example, we will assume that you are six feet three inches (75 inches) tall. 2. MULTIPLY your weight (in pounds) times 703. Call this your BMI WEIGHT... More »

How to determine your body mass index (bmi) easily?

1. The only two things you will need to determine your BMI is accurate figures for your height and your weight. This formula is for men and women over the age of twenty. 2. Formula for Calculating Your BMI: Take the weight in pounds and divide it by... More »


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  2. Teeheehee Reply:

    I understand that BMI doesn’t take into consideration that muscle weighs more than fat so I’m wondering if there are any other more effective methods.
    Well I’m 6’3 and 165 pounds, my BMI says I’m not underweight but I have like no fat what so I’m just a little worried.

  3. Christine Reply:

    My mate just asked me my bmi how do i find out ?

  4. Derrick Reply:

    I am a 12 year old girl, and i am roughly 5’2-5’3, and i weigh roughly 87-90 pounds. Is that the average weight, and if so, how do you determine if you are average weight?

  5. Muhd Imran Reply:

    I am 5’9 235 pounds, but a Body fat test using skin calipers show I am only 14 percent body fat, but BMI has this number much much higher, which one should I trust?

  6. Ally Reply:

    I am quite curvy for my age, and I’m worried that it’s verging on being fat. What should my BMI and weight be at age 15?

  7. Alexa Reply:

    I figure the BMI calculator does not take into consideration your frame size, any ideas how to tell what it is?

  8. Ademir Reply:

    My current weight is 118kg at 178cm tall but I have a big muscle mass. My current BMI by height to weight ratio is way to high. What other way will they measure me to get my accurate BMI?

  9. Allyson C Reply:

    its always a skinny dude getting stomach skin pulled by this odd machine, i assume it determines fat BMI somehow, what is this test called, and what is it for? also can i get one for myself? i have other ideas for it.

  10. Ato M Reply:

    I want to know the ideal weight for me as determined by BMI, m 5 feet 8 inches 24 year male currently weighing 115-118 pounds.

  11. Patty666 Reply:

    I want to know the ideal weight for me as determined by BMI, m 5 feet 8 inches 24 year male currently weighing 115-118 pounds.

  12. Prashanthi Reply:

    there are so many different websites that deal with weight and height and age to determine bmi and target weight range
    it is so confusing!
    all help accepted
    ten points for the best answer
    please and thank you

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